Barack Obama has been elected president of the United States (UPDATE: OBAMA ADDRESSES THE NATION)

History has been made. Barack Obama has just been elected the 44th president of the United States.

Mc is making his concession speech. Classy.

This will take a long time for me to digest.

Update 1 – 11:44 PM: My mother and I prayed on the phone about this election first thing this morning. Through tears, I said “God’s will be done.” It has been done. I will continue to pray for the future of our country, and pray that Obama will display the wisdom and surround himself with the guidance needed to make good decisions.

Congratulations, Senator Obama.

Update 2 – Midnight: Our next president is getting ready to speak.

Acknowledges the historical aspect of his campaign.

Pays tribute to McCain/Palin.

Thanks Biden, gives props to his family, campaign staff.

This victory belongs to you.

America faces a lot of tough challenges.

Says Dems have won a great victory but they accept it with humility, and will work with Republicans.

To those of you whose support I haven’t won, I want you to help me. I’m your president, too.

Final Update: Here’s the transcript of BO’s speech.

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