Former Obama campaign manager: Rush Limbaugh is the “minority leader” of the Republican party

David Plouffe, who has a book about his experiences as The One’s campaign manager coming out this fall (which he received/will receive 7 figures for), wrote an opinion piece that was published in the WaPo today that falls right in line with the WH/Dem party’s coordinated attack strategy on Rush Limbaugh.

The money quote:

Limbaugh’s voice could be heard in the words of new Republican quarterback Eric Cantor, who says the GOP’s strategy will be to “Just Say No” — not for substantive or philosophical reasons but to advance Limbaugh’s strategy for failure. Independent voters, those who find the ways of Washington particularly toxic, could be forgiven for wondering whether the Republican minority has any clue what is happening in our country.

Got it? “Independent voters” – the voters both the GOP and Democrats are fighting for – find Washington’s ways “particularly toxic” — but what Plouffe didn’t tell you was that apparently it doesn’t matter as long as it’s President Obama and members (and former members like Plouffe) who are engaging in Washington’s “old ways” via a blatant use of the Oval Office as a campaign HQ in an attempt to try and demonize and – in effect – stifle its critics.

Toldjah So.

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