Far left idiocy never stops

The latest “scandal” brewing at far left blogs involves a story that first broke at the liberal Wonkette blog about how House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) allegedly “blew off” Obama’s presser Tuesday night for a Britney Spears concert. Think Progress sums up the thoughts of the far left on this “issue” (via JWF):

In recent weeks, congressional Republicans have been critical of President Obama for doing anything that isn’t directly focusing on the economic crisis — such as going on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno or filling out his NCAA bracket. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) even called Obama’s decision to overturn the ban on embryonic stem cell research a “distraction.”

Are these people really that stupid that they don’t understand the difference between the President of the United States trying to sell his econ plan on a late night talk show versus the House Minority Whip attending a concert, allegedly with a few Congressional Democrats (or was it at the request of a fundraiser?), during (the latter part of – see update below) the Obama presser? Apparently so.

Are these fruitcakes also not aware that it’s possible that Cantor recorded or TiVo’d the presser? At last check, only one bright bulb thought to speculate on that possibility, seeing that Cantor talked at length Wednesday morning on NBC about what Obama said at the press conference.

Forgive me if I have to laugh at the hypocrisy of it all, considering then-President Elect Obama couldn’t even be bothered to watch our outgoing President’s farewell address to the nation, instead preferring to go out with his wife to a swanky DC restaurant for dinner – did we hear any “outrage” from the far left over this snub? Nope.

Will the far left ever grow up? Or will they remain in Stuck on Stupid mode for the foreseeable future? My money is on the latter.

Update – 12:31 AM: The WaPo’s “Sleuth” blog reports that Cantor was at the GOP’s annual fundraiser Tuesday night (I assume the same one Jindal spoke at) and left the fundraiser for the concert at around 9, which was an hour after Obama’s presser had started. After the speech Obama made, the Q&A part lasted “just under an hour” according Ben Pershing, who liveblogged it all. I think that puts things wrapping up around 9:15 or 9:20. Which would mean that if Cantor wanted to watch the presser, he could have watched the bulk of it before he left at 9. With this in mind, will the geniuses at Think Progress retract their post about Cantor “blowing off” Obama’s presser for a Spears concert when it’s been documented that during the most of the presser Cantor was not at a concert but instead a GOP fundraiser? Don’t hold your breath.

Will The Usual Suspects be outraged to find out that, rather than “snubbing Obama for a Spears concert,” that Cantor and other GOPers were probably too busy fundraising to watch the press conference … even though most of them probably at the very least read a transcript later or TiVo’d it – or (gasp) already had a pretty good idea of what Obama was going to say before he said it? Suffice it to say that it doesn’t really matter what the GOP does, some people on the left will always figure out a way to manufacture “outrage” against them.

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