More on the disrupted LA Library Tower terror plot

Critics of EITs (enhanced interrogation techniques) like Andrew Sullivan and Slate’s Tim Noah are spreading false and/or incomplete information about the fact that the waterboarding of KSM led to the disruption of the LA Library Tower terror plot. They point to information suggesting that the plot was broken up before KSM was in US custody.

They’re right. Sort of.

In actuality, there were two plots against the LA Library Tower – it was the second one that was broken up thanks to KSM’s singing after he was waterboarded. The LA Times reported this in October 2005, but former Bush admin official Marc Thiessen, who worked in various capacities for Bush – including speechwriting – has been a pit bull on the issue, writing several times at the National Review Online site to debunk the critics who are saying that EITs “don’t work.” He also wrote a piece that appeared in the Washington Post a week ago talking about how EITs were essential in stopping the second plot against LA. Thiessen’s got even more details on the disrupted “Second Wave” plot here.

Via Patterico, who notes in this post how the Washington Post gets the facts of the Library Tower terror plot story wrong, and in this one on how the LAT fell down on the job, too.

Once again, we see citizen journalists and mainstream conservative websites like NRO doing the job that the mainstream media, in full-blown “Cover for Obama” mode, refuses to do.

Spread the word. Email this post and others you see on this issue to people. Let them know what the mainstream media – and left wing opinion writers (same thing?) – won’t tell them.

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