Here we go again – “white supremacist” arrested for threats, lefty broadbrushing of “right wingers” continues

The AP reports:

CHICAGO — A white supremacist blogger was arrested at his New Jersey home Wednesday and charged with threatening to assault or murder three Chicago-based judges who refused to overturn local ordinances banning handguns.

Hal Turner, 47, a former Internet radio talk show host, was taken into custody by FBI agents who went to his North Bergen home with a search warrant, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

Prosecutors quoted a Turner Internet posting as saying: “Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed.”

The posting included a map showing the Everett Dirksen Federal Courthouse, where the three judges are based. It said a map showing the judges’ homes would later be added.

The posting also referred to the murder of the mother and husband of Chicago-based federal Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow in February 2005 — a crime that sent shock waves across the nation.

“Apparently, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court didn’t get the hint after those killings,” the posting said. “It appears another lesson is needed.”

U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald announced the arrest, which stemmed from a complaint filed in federal court in Chicago.

“We take threats to federal judges very seriously — period,” he said.

Turner organized a rally of supremacist groups in Kalamazoo, Mich., in 2007 and a neo-Nazi rally in Kingston, N.Y., in 2005. Last summer, he ended his Internet radio show that espoused hatred of gays, Jews, blacks and other minorities, but he continues a blog under the heading “Honest talk in a time of universal deceit.”

The guy sounds like a typical extremist who just hates everyone, but of course the cries of “more examples of extremist right wing violence” have already started. No surprise there.

What is kind of interesting in all this is that, thanks to recent isolated acts of violence involving “extremist right wingers” (including a murder that was committed by someone whose ideology leaned more far left than far right), the left has made it clear that an “epidemic” is under way, one that needs to be “stopped.” Hey, listen, I’m all for taking measures to stop extremists from being able to carry out their terroristic threats whether against Americans and/or their interests here or overseas, but then again most of us on the right are – as demonstrated by our attitude towards waging war against fanatical extremist Islamofascists since 9-11. Ironically enough, in spite of the fact that most acts of terrorism that happen around the world are committed by Islamofascist thugs, the left are always quick to point out that it’s just a “tiny minority” and that the vast, vast majority of Islamists are “peaceloving” and that we should “proceed carefully” so we don’t trample on their “rights” both home and abroad.

Yet, a few isolated incidents involving alleged “right wingers” and all of a sudden extremist violence has gone “mainstream” on the right and, accordingly, we must wage full-scale war against it. Interesting how the only time the left is “concerned” enough to advocate strong action against violence is when they perceive it’s coming from “right wingers” stateside. Worldwide incidents of brutal Islamofascism, though? Not so much.

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