Melanie Phillips on Obama’s non-post racial presidency

In a post about Obama’s poorly informed reaction to the arrest of Henry Gates, Melanie Phillips relects back on what she, yours truly, and many others have been saying for the last two years about how Obama has been anything but a “post-racial” politico, and how he has repeatedly used race time and time again – sometimes overtly and other times subtly – for political gain, playing the race card with the full complicity of the spintastic, covering-for-him-at-all-times mainstream media.

So much of what his critics were saying about him last year – and the year before, for that matter – have come to light, thanks for the most part to alernative media outlets and citizen journalists. We can only hope that by continuing to shine the light that the MSM refuses to that the truth of who President Obama is, his agenda, and that of the Democrats in Congress will sink in to the masses before the 2010 elections. Otherwise, it’s a long time til the 2012 fireworks begin.

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