Still need proof MSDNC is in the tank for Democrats?

You shouldn’t, but just in case you do, read this and watch the video clip at that same link for absolute definitive evidence beyond any doubt whatsoever that this network is unashamedly in the tank for Democrats.

Interestingly enough, this didn’t appear on any of their nightly liberal shows – nope, not KeithO, not Ed Schultz, not Chris Matthews nor Rachel Maddow. The clip comes from a segment done in the morning hours where the news anchors were reporting on how some ObamaCare protesters were “packing heat” at town halls across the country and how it implied an element of “racism” in this debate because apparently all the white people bringing guns to the town halls want a go at Obama – even though MSDNC neglected to mention that Obama is not even at a vast majority of the town halls, but why ruin the rant with inconvenient truths like that? The even bigger inconvenient truth is that a man they featured as one of the gun-carrying “racist whites” at a recent town hall was not white. But you wouldn’t know it from watching their slanted coverage. Why?

Their clip of him showed him only from the neck down. Patterico has a picture of the guy that includes his face, but don’t expect MSDNC to issue an apology or retraction. Why? Because even though their report about how guns are allegedly being brought to town halls by white men in order to express their “rage” at the fact that we have a black President was so error-filled it defies belief, it fits the narrative that they and the rest of the mainstream media have tirelessly attempted to create about well-meaning decent people across the country who are against ObamaCare. They’re “traitors” and KKK-loving “racists” and “paid mobsters” and “fascists” and “goons” and “thugs” and “nuts” for comparing Obama to Hitler even though it’s been shown that a substantial number of the Obama/Hitler signs have been carried to these town halls by radical LaRouche Democrats.

The reason ObamaCare opponents are characterized as such is because they have the audacity – the sheer audacity – to dare to oppose this administration, an admnistration whose call for ObamaCare supporters to show up in force at town halls across the country in order to counter its opponents was heard and answered. And on that front, stay tuned – because the President himself will be hosting a conference call today at 2:30 with, you guessed it, SEIU types who the administration wants to get even more involved in the debate over “healthcare reform” – something you will be able to “watch” at

As Mark Steyn put it so well a couple of weeks ago, dissent is no longer “patriotic.” Conformity is now the new “patriotism.” Oh, and something else we’ve learned from all this is that Nazi comparisons are no longer fashionable, in spite of the fact that they were a daily fact of life during the Bush administration, a fact the mainstream media scarcely mentioned during his eight years in office.

This is all, of course, “change” you can believe in.

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