Obama: I had no idea ACORN was getting so much federal money

I know in Liberal Land, calling out a Democrat President on lies is considered blasphemous, but – well, when he talks about allegedly not knowing that his pet group ACORN was getting so much federal money, he’s lying.

Michelle Malkin absolutely positively calls him out on the lie here.

Gotta take my hat off to George Stephanopoulos for really holding Obama’s feet to the fire on a number of issues in his pre-taped interview with him, which aired yesterday.

Related to Obama’s network blitz yesterday, Howie Kurtz writes about how some in the MSM feel Obama might be “diluting the product” by “wearing out his welcome” on TV. I should point out that Obama made sure to deliberately snub Fox News, which of course has been the only network out there which has tried to do what others in the mainstream media are supposed to do but frequently don’t, and that’s hold the government accountable.

We’ll just forget for five minutes the widespread outrage and complaints from lefties when members of the Bush administration would allegedly “snub” liberal media news outlets in favor of Fox. I seem to remember the suggestion that Bush and Co. “couldn’t take the tough questions” CBS, NBC, etc had for him and instead supposedly preferred “softballs.” Hmmm – where are those same critics now?

Fox’s Chris Wallace has a must-watch/read response to the WH’s decision to not include Fox News in on the interview schedule. Money quote:

“They are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington,” he said.

Ya think?

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