Quote of the day – Scott Brown edition

From last night’s debate in MA:

Brown also bristled at suggestions that the seat he was seeking was a Kennedy seat, despite being held for decades by a family member or confidant.

“With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedys’ seat,’’ Brown said. “It’s not the Democrats’ seat. It’s the people’s seat.’’

Word. :)

neo-neocon has the video (via Instapundit).

Yesterday, Brown’s campaign raised an amazing $1.3 million online to use in the last full week before next Tuesday’s special election. That is awesome, because you know Democrats will pull out all the stops to make sure this seat stays in Democrat hands, even though reportedly the President himself has no plans to campaign for Brown’s opponent Martha Coakley.

As to recent polling numbers for this race, they are all over the charts, but most still show Coakley with a firm lead. Pollster Scott Rasmussen analyzes some of the numbers here.

As to the questions why “Palin conservatives” would support Scott Brown, who some have suggested is more of a “centrist” than a conservative, I think Robert Stacy McCain does a pretty good job of explaining why here. Chief reason?

Wresting Ted Kennedy’s former seat from the Democrats would be a major coup for Republicans, contributing to the clear evidence of an anti-Obama backlash represented by the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial victories in November.

Yep, and assuming the Democrats don’t follow through with their threats to not seat Brown before the all-important healthcare “reform” vote in the event that Brown pulls off the huge upset, he’s vowed to vote against ObamaCare, and as I’ve said before, that works for me.

One week to go …

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