Live coverage of the Tucson memorial service (UPDATE: Video link added)

If you can’t get to a TV to watch the service, KVOA is livestreaming the event on their website.

[Note: Tried to post a live feed here but it had problems.]

My only thought so far is that I hope it doesn’t turn into a “WE WILL WIN” rally. I heard that earlier when Sheriff Dupnik arrived, he did so to loud applause.

Update – 9:21 PM: Wrote this on Facebook:

O has done a good job tonight. First time in a while I’ve been content with having him be our President. Only for tonight, though.

He did well. The crowd, on the other hand, I thought were very inappropriate at times – but it was a crowd mixed with college students, so I shouldn’t have expected too much better (should I have?).

Tonight’s one of the few times Obama has struck me as Presdiential. He has my respect tonight – but tomorrow is another day and, in the spirit of the democratic process, I will get back to strong criticism of both him, his party, and their disastrous ideas and policies. A great speech doesn’t change my fundamental disagreements w/ the Democrat agenda. I will get back to “refudiating,” as Sarah Palin would say. ;)

Was glad he put the bit in there about discourse NOT causing this tragedy. REALLY happy to hear the news about Rep. Giffords opening her eyes for the first time.

Update – 10:24 PM: Here’s a full video of Obama’s speech.

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