Quote of the Day: On sex and “basic needs” at OWS – Zuccotti Park (UPDATED)

I am not making this up, y’all. I swear:

Occupy Wall Street is an experiment in communal living, with basic human needs on public display. Even, at times, very intimate human needs.

Outdoor sex has been a topic of discussion at quality-of-life meetings held each afternoon inside Zuccotti Park. Some people have expressed discomfort with sexual activity in their midst, but Andrew Carbon, 26 years old, said protesters generally are loathe to restrict anyone’s behavior.

“To be controlling someone’s own autonomy is a sensitive issue,” he said. “It’s a bad image if it’s visible, but policing it is wrong.”

Anyone else feel like they’ve been in a 60s-era  time warp the last few weeks? Good grief.

Meanwhile, at Occupy Oakland, demonstrating across the street from a local Chase Bank apparently wasn’t enough:

Hundreds of activists with the Occupy Wall Street movement marched Saturday from Oakland City Hall, snaking their way through downtown and around Lake Merritt while they flouted an eviction order.

They closed thoroughfares and freeway ramps, invaded one bank and temporarily shut down another as they spread their message against economic inequality. But after three hours, they returned to City Hall, where they cooked food over open flames, danced and slid back into their tents.

Here’s video of the “invasion” and occupation of the one Chase Bank:

‘Like the Tea Party’, MSM? I don’t think so.

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