#Shutdown horrors: Senators have no one to serve them food

**Posted by Phineas

"You're doing what??"
“No way!!”

And that’s not all. Prepare yourselves, friends. You may want to send the children out of the room:

Yes, senators and representatives have to hit buttons on their own in their private elevators and open their own doors — and get their own food! I just pray they can hold up under the strain. Curse you Tea Party and Ted Cruz!

Not that I don’t feel for anyone laid off, but… Do we really need to be paying for elevator operators (1) and door lackeys? Isn’t this just a wee bit elitist and out of tune with democratic republicanism?

These are dark times, my friends.

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(1) Which I haven’t seen in a private setting since I was a child in the Sixties.

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