Late-term abortion proponent @WendyDavisTexas poses w/ kids to launch #TeamWendy Gov. campaign

The writing has been on the wall for weeks now, but yesterday late-term abortion champion Wendy Davis officially announced her campaign for Governor of Texas … with a picture of her with young children:

The irony of Ms. Davis posing with children after her now famous (infamous) attempted filibuster of a Texas bill – ultimately passed in the next special session – that would ban the brutal termination of unborn children after 20 weeks wasn’t lost on anyone. Clearly, Davis would like to put a happy face on the ugliest part of her “legacy” as a “heroine for women’s rights” – that legacy being the unconditional advocacy for the “right” to literally cut off the life of the most innocent among us before they’ve had the first chance to breathe on their own. But pro-lifers won’t be so quick to let it slide, nor will conservative Texans who will fight proudly to keep her out of the Governor’s chair.

Unsurprisingly, her close pal and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards – daughter of the last pro-abortion female Democrat Governor of Texas Ann Richards – holds a different view, and could not contain her excitement at helping Wendy Davis launch her campaign:

“Great news for women in Texas”? For the born ones, maybe, but surely not the unborn women Wendy Davis would accept being aborted during the later weeks of pregnancy where the development of the unborn child is undeniable.

Democrats are doing their darnedest to turn Texas blue, and they believe even if Wendy Davis doesn’t win next year that she’ll make significant inroads with the more “purple” citizens of Texas. Let’s hope the Lone Star State does the right thing by resoundingly rejecting Wendy Davis at the ballot box next year, sending a message to radical liberals everywhere: far left extremists need not apply.

Wendy Davis
Gov. Wendy Davis? I pray Texans will tell her to hit the door in November 2014.

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