Sunday NFL Football Open Thread: #49ers at the Jags – PLUS: WS Game 3 commentary

SF 49ers
Are you ready for some football?

The 4-3 Panthers have already played – and won – their game for this week this past Thursday against their NFC South Division rivals the  Bucs, so in honor of Phineas, whose favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers (and my 2nd favorite team), I’m devoting today’s NFL football open thread to the 9ers vs Jags game.

SF is having a good season so far, starting out at 5-2 in the NFC West Division, while Jacksonville is in the cellar in the AFC South at 0-7, joining the Bucs as the only two winless teams left.  Will it be an easy ride today for Colin Kaepernick and company? Perhaps, but never estimate the grit and determination of teams fighting for their first win.

Game time is 1 pm ET and will be broadcast locally on Fox.

Switching to baseball – in particular last night’s controversial ending to Game 3 of the World Series, I’m very interested in your thoughts on the “obstruction” call. Red Sox fans are understandably furious while Cards fans are pointing to the rule book in making their case that it was “the right call.”

It’s so critically important for refs and umps to get calls right when it comes to series championships. Did they here?

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