From the hate mail stack: Angry moonbat loses it over uncomfortable Wendy Davis truths

Tinfoil Hat Area
Proceed with caution …

Someone named “Fiftycal” doesn’t care much for the truth when it comes to the inhumane procedure of abortion and TX Senator Wendy Davis’ record on it:

Ever heard of the Constitution? Supreme Court? Don’t like “abortion”? then get a Constitutional Amendment to “ban” it. Until then, STFU. Why is it that some snake handling religious superstitionists think it is THEIR BUSINESS what someone else does with their body? I am a CONSERVATIVE that wants LESS GOVERNMENT, not a “christian” that wants less government EXCEPT where I want MORE GOVERNMENT. So tell me snake handlers, which form of enforcement would you have if “abortion” was illegal? Soviet style or Chinese style? Would you make miscarriages murder? The one bit of truth the leftists have is the “war on women” meme. And Abbott will waste millions on the unconstitutional “anti-abortion” mess passed by the bible thumpers in the last session.

“Tolerant” far leftists and their fondness for a “new tone” type of dialogue strike again. Alert President Unicorn and the Civility Police! ;)

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