DC #Obamacare “outreach” sees clubgoers more interested in condoms than care

Clubgoers were more interested in getting right to the, um, point ….

The Politico reports on the latest unconventional attempt at Obamacare “outreach” – this time in the White House’s backyard in DC. And with most things related to the so-called “Affordable Care Act”, it was an epic fail (bolded emphasis added by me):

Washington’s new health insurance exchange dispatched a sign-up envoy to one of the city’s gay clubs one recent night to get out the word about Obamacare. It envisioned men mingling on the dance floor, a cocktail in one hand and enrollment information in the other.

But the brochures about DC Health Link, as the exchange is called, weren’t snapped up as quickly as the free condoms provided by a local clinic.

Like other health exchanges and coverage advocacy groups across the country, DC Health Link is reaching out to people wherever they may be, including bars. President Barack Obama even urged bartenders — who may themselves be uninsured — to hold happy hours to talk about health insurance and what it can offer young adults.

That strategy has clear challenges, however. In a packed nightclub like Town Danceboutique in Northwest D.C., music smothers conversation, dimmed lights make reading difficult, and health coverage is not what’s on people’s minds.

“They’re looking to let loose. They’re not looking to talk about serious topics,” patron Maven Saleh said as he surveyed the Town crowd on a winter weekend.

Add an appearance by Santa wearing a “Naughty” hat as he posed for pictures on stage, and DC Health Link assister John Esposito had a near-impossible task that night. Positioned behind the stage and bar area, he stood by a small table offering not just information about insurance enrollment but packages of condoms and tubes of lubricant. The latter items were courtesy of the Whitman-Walker Clinic, which also had its HIV testing van parked outside.

Any surprise here that Team Obama and their allies urge people to talk about health insurance coverage issues when they’re not in the state of mind that would allow them to think clearly? At the holiday dinner table – where everyone is more focused on food, fellowship, and presents. On college campuses – where Obama and other admin officials love to lecture to young, captive, impressionable (and gullible) audiences.  At bars and nightclubs where people go to “let loose”, get drunk, and get laid. Seeing a pattern here? They’d love to fool people all over again, just like they did the first time around when they shoved the bill through Congress and got it signed into law way back when.

That they have to rely on “selling” enrollment into Obamacare, in part, based on snagging people when they’re not on their A game speaks volumes about proponents of this law, none of it good …


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