So Long, 2013 and Happy New Year, 2014!

Ringing in the new year …

I’m more inclined to read “year in review posts” than to write them, and this year is no different from all the rest in that regard. A “year in review” post from me would go on and on, and who has time for that – especially on New Year’s Eve? :)

Wanted to wish all of you a very happy new year filled with much success and fulfillment, and to wave a formal goodbye to 2013 – which has been a mixed bag for yours truly both personally and professionally on the writing front. Professionally I increased my profile on social media – especially here locally in NC, but on the flip side I didn’t post at the blog as much as I’d hoped to this past year – and it had nothing to do with a lack of material with which to work. Will work on remedying that in 2014 as I strive to become better both in the time management arena and the “getting focused” department. Stay tuned.

Thank you all for your continued readership, and a special thank you to Phineas, as always, for his contributions to the blog, which are invaluable. If you’re not reading his blog, and/or following him on Twitter, you should be.

If you’re out celebrating tonight, please make sure at least one person in your party plans on not drinking and will volunteer to be the designated driver. If not, call a cab, or call AAA tonight if their “Tipsy Tow” service is available in your area. No one wants to be reading about you in the paper tomorrow. Don’t be a statistic.

And speaking of drinking on New Year’s Eve, I think Bojangle’s Chicken gets it exactly right: