White House #WarOnWomen continues as analysis shows “pay gap” persists

Obama teleprompter
What happens when your own rhetoric catches up with you.

Via The Washington Post:

The White House has not narrowed the gap between the average pay of male and female employees since President Obama’s first year in office, according to a Washington Post analysis of new salary data.

The average male White House employee currently earns about $88,600, while the average female White House employee earns about $78,400, according to White House data released Tuesday. That is a gap of 13 percent.

In 2009, male employees made an average of about $82,000, compared to an average of $72,700 earned by female employees — also a 13 percent wage gap.

One of the key reasons is that more men hold the higher-paying, senior jobs in the White House, and more women hold the lower-paying, junior jobs.

Today, there are 87 male White House officials who make more than $100,000, compared to 53 female White House officials. The gap narrows, but persists, at the highest echelons of the White House. Among the most senior officials, there are two more men than women.

I can’t tell you what a kick it gives me to see the Obama administration hoisted by their own petard on the issue of “equal pay.”  The rhetoric and “statistics” used by both the administration and “feminists” on the so-called “wage gap” (“women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes!”) going back years has proven time and time again to be outright false, yet they continue to play the “women card” because they know it’s an issue they can use to great effect to emotionally rally the masses to their cause – especially during an election year.  By any means necessary, and all that.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air breaks it all down:

And yet again, the White House wants to argue that its own practices should be held to a different standard than the White House applies to everyone else:

White House officials say that even if the aggregate statistics show a gap, men and women in the same roles at the White House are paid similar amounts. “At the White House, we have equal pay for equal work,” said White House spokeswoman Jessica Santillo. “Men and women in equivalent roles earn equivalent salaries, and over half of our departments are run by women.”

That’s true. However, while pushing this issue as a crisis everywhere else outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama and his team use aggregate statistics to support the claim that a substantial pay gap exists for equal work and equal experience. Using the standard the White House wants to use for itself, that gap all but disappears — and the White House actually lags on that measure.

Obama says he needs Congress to act. Maybe Congress needs to act a lot less than Obama needs to take care of his own house, or admit that he’s demagoguing this issue as part of the larger “war on women” demagoguery.

‘Nuff said.

(Hat tip: Memeorandum)