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Learn more about Barack Obama

While I was scanning National Review’s The Corner blog earlier tonight, I came across a link to a fantastic blog that covers a variety of issues, but which is paying special attention to the candidacy of Barack Obama, and digging deeper than just the mythical fantasy candidate the MSM are making him out to be. To find out what the media won’t dig into, please bookmark Steve Sailer’s blog – specifically the Obama category and keep visiting. Excellent, excellent stuff there......   [Read More]

Promises made, promises broken – a retrospective on Pelosi’s 9-11 Commission promises

Well, they promised the most “honest, ethical, and open Congress in history“, which proved to be complete BS post-election after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not only let it be known that she was throwing her full support behind the ethically challenged Rep. John Murtha for House Majority Leader, but that she wanted impeached former federal judge-turned-House Rep. Alcee Hastings to chair the House Intelligence Committee as well. Neither are going to happen, as we now know, but the fact that Pelosi would support either shows the intent and will to completely disregard that campaign promise not even a week after the Democrats won control of Congress......   [Read More]