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RNC ’04

The story behind the 2004 GOP convention protest arrests

In the coming days, you are likely to be reading a lot of stories about several lawsuits that have been filed against the NYPD on behalf of some 1,800 protestors who attended anti-Bush ‘festivities’ around the RNC convention in the summer of 2004. A federal judge on Friday ordered the NYPD to release some 600 pages of ‘secret’ documents related to its preparation for the protests that took place at the 2004 GOP convention......   [Read More]

Zell Miller flashback video number two: what Democrats are about today

Ok, since I have taken a walk down memory lane in my prior post by linking up to Senator Zell Miller’s challenging Chris Matthews to a duel during the 2004 Republican National Convention, I just had to bring up the speech he made to the convention that year as well. It’s the one speech from the 2004 RNC that got me fired up and motivated more than any other......   [Read More]

George W. Bush: The speech

Wow. What can I say other than it was great. And he didn’t shy away from mentioning unborn children and protection of marriage in it, either. He appeared in tears at one point when he marvelled at how people who have lost loved ones from the 9-11 attacks and our two wars could take the time to pray for him. He portrayed a sense of strength and at the same time self-deprecation. He gave our troops the much needed kudos that they so richly deserve. I sure hope our men and women in military were listening tonight. The last part of that speech was for you......   [Read More]