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The UAE port deal: I support it

The more this UAE port management story is being reported, examined, and discussed in the MSM, as well as on opinion pages and in the blogosphere, the more I find myself believing that the issue has bas been overhyped unecessarily. Even with saying that, I know that the concerns put forth by many of our fellow conservatives are genuine and heartfelt. Issues pertaining to national security have long been our strength, especially in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks. We want to remain strong on that front because, unlike some in the opposition party, we realize that showing weakness – especially in a time of war – is something on which our enemies can and will try to capitalize. We don’t want anyone to forget 9-11 happened, so when it’s reported that the US has made a deal of this nature with the UAE, a country from where two of the 9-11 hijackers came, the first inclination is to say “what the he!! was the administration thinking here?” I know I was saying that, too, initially......   [Read More]