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Nancy Pelosi Goes All Dainty Southern Belle On Paul Ryan

Southern Belle, Nancy Pelosi

The rule in the US House floor forbidding the wearing of sleeveless attire in any form has become a hot issue over the last few weeks. The Usual Suspectsâ„¢ rushed to the cameras and social media to express their outrage over recent enforcement of said issue. And they wrongly blamed House Speaker Paul Ryan for putting the ban in place even though in reality the rule has been around for decades......   [Read More]

As A Woman, Here Are 4 Reasons I’m Not Joining Hillary’s ‘Making History’ Bandwagon

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi

Back in 1992, a young, naive girl was so impressed with candidate Bill Clinton that she signed up to volunteer with the local Democratic party chapter, and helped set up the staging area for one of his last speeches before he was elected president. She later strongly rejected the party’s platform – especially on abortion – and deeply regretted her (admittedly small) role in the national rise of the Clinton machine......   [Read More]