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Some thoughts on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Today is the 37th anniversary of the day the SCOTUS legalized the cruel act of abortion (see the WaPo’s lackluster reporting on today’s March for Life rally in DC here). I’ve written about the issue many times here, and long time readers may remember the piece I wrote three years ago detailing my journey from being pro-abortion to pro-life. It was a “trip” well-worth taking and one that, at the end of it, I swore to commit my life to help undo the damage I, as a former abortion supporter, indirectly helped inflict on innocent unborn children via my role as an advocate for “choice.”.....   [Read More]

Daily Kos diarist: Declining casualty rates in Iraq are not due to the surge

Charles Johnson bravely waded into the land of Nutrootia and found this, er, nugget from Daily Kos diarist Brandon Friedman titled: The Real Story Behind the Falling Casualty Rate in Iraq. Apparently Friedman thinks we should thank Muqtada al-Sadr for the declining casualty rate, instead of the US military. Figures. The ‘bats don’t have it in them to give Bush and Petraeus any credit for anything......   [Read More]

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick: One more liberal Democrat who just doesn’t get it

As you know, all across America and many countries around the world yesterday, tributes were paid to the victims of 9-11. For those of us whose memories of 9-11 are as fresh in our minds today as if the attacks just happened – and who also understood on that day six years ago that in response to terrorists using our own commercial airliners against us in acts of cruel, vicious savagery against 3,000 innocents done in the name of “Allah,” America was going to have to respond in a way that would make it very clear to Islamofascists around the world that we weren’t going to take it lying down – every day is 9-11 remembrance day, and each day we not only pause to reflect on what happened but also to consider how far we’ve come as well as speculate on how far we have to go......   [Read More]