Obama assassination plot in Turkey broken up

Posted by: steveegg on April 6, 2009 at 2:47 pm

(H/T – Gateway Pundit)

Adnkronos International reports that a Syrian man disguised as an Al-Jazeera reporter plotted to assassinate President Obama during his official visit to Turkey:

As United States president Barack Obama began an official visit to Turkey on Monday, reports surfaced that a Syrian man was arrested in Istanbul in connection with a plot to kill him. The man – who sought to disguise himself as a journalist for the Arab TV network Al-Jazeera – managed to obtain press accreditation and allegedly planned to stab the US president with a knife, said Saudi daily al-Watan.

Paleo Pat over at Political Byline sums up my feelings so well, I’ll just borrow them (emphasis in the original):

As an American; I am just glad to see that the plot was exposed, because the LAST THING this Country needs is our President hurt or killed. I may not agree with Obama’s Politics, but I do not want to see the guy murdered. Anyone that would say anything any different is either crazy or just an mean spirited <expletive deleted>. It is one thing to chide the President because of his politics, but it’s an entire other matter to do something like this.

Revisions/extensions (1:37 pm 4/7/2009) – The AP reports (H/T – Ed Morrissey) that it was a hoax involving a “mentally-disturbed” man. Oddly, the details track quite nicely with the leftist meme that popped up when the original reports came out.

Ed, however, is puzzled why the Turks would quickly release a mentally-disturbed individual connected to an assassination plot. I seem to recall John Hinckley being declared insane.

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4 Responses to “Obama assassination plot in Turkey broken up”


  1. Carlos says:

    1) But it was ok to express the wish for GW to be shot, hanged or otherwise killed in office ’cause the nation would be better off.

    2) Amazing how this showed up so early in His Hollowness’s term. Kinda makes one wonder if it was a Democrat dirty trick?! And yes, I believe that’s the way his mind (and those of his advisers) works.

  2. CZ says:

    “I believe that’s the way his mind (and those of his advisers) works.”

    Carlos, I like the cut of your jib.:)

  3. Vintage says:

    For someone to think that this story is plant, disturbs me to no ends. He is still the President and will always be a target of enemies of the West.

  4. Carlos says:

    Vintage, my question does not conclude that the story is a plant, it only points out the possibility. As devious as His Hollowness has been in his first 60+ days (especially with such nominations to key posts as Emmanuel, Geithner, Daschele and now Ron Sims) one can only assume there MAY be something more to the story than is reported by the MSM.

    And my first point stands unchallenged by you?