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Watch the rotting carrion getting all teary-eyed.

The piece of crap has, of course, no compassion for the one-year-old and other children who were massacred in November by some Marines who ran amok in Iraq. They wiped out old people, women, and children, out of sick revenge.

But the Sister cheers them up, like the scumbag that she is. For the Sister, the only good Arab is a dead Arab.

ST is the poster child for abortion on demand. Had her parents known what kind of psychopathic monster they had sired, I am sure they would have aborted her. Hopefully, that repugnant creature is past the age of reproduction.

Evil Progressive – 5/28/2006

Too bad your mom didn’t know enough to marry outside the family. Maybe then you wouldn’t be such a stupid retard.

“George Bush” aka “Brian” – 5/18/2006

Ok, here’s my harmless comment about that shrieking cunt and her little fan base of wingnuts.

I hope you all die of cancer. I hope some of it is skin cancer that starts at the tip of your nose and covers your face and leaves you writhing and moaning in pain until you expire in the soiled bed of a third world cancer ward. I hope your families are hit by a bus during your funerals and I hope that anyone who is angered or hurt by what I’ve just written catches HIV from a rapist. How’s that folks? Biting enough? Cutting? I hope so because aftet all of this misery is visited upon you (And I pray to Jesus it will) THEN I can bash you regardless of your ‘moral high ground’ just like ann!

Kneelb4zod! – 6/8/2006

Blatant censorship. Sister Toldjah is another neocon cunt on the bush payroll. She needs to die like her coward leader.

The Debtonator – 1/16/2006

I’ll bet the sister’s tits are nice though.

Gary Ruppert – 5/25/2006

Of course, most terrorist bombings in the US come from this sector of the political spectrum.

I don’t expect a moronic brownshirt fuck like yourself to mention that little fact, though.

dave – 5/8/2007

You’ll report me for harassment? Go read up on the legal definition of harassment.

This is a public blog, you twit. I can post whatever I want on any blog that I want. I can call you a coward, and a fascist, and a petty dictator, if I want to.

So, blacklist me. That is par for the course for a Nazi like you.

Devil’s Advocate aka Evil Progressive – 1/9/2006

Looks like the nazi trailer-trash from North Carolina wants to do away with the Constitution and legalize the torture of innocent people. What a surprise! Sorry hun. The Democrats and patriotic Republicans aren’t afraid to stand up to the liar in chief and stupid, ignorant extremists like you, who are completely clueless about fighting terrorism.

American Patriot – 9/22/06

What happened to the sister’s pic? I gues she took it down when I told her she was hot, that creeped her out.

Walter Krankbite – 3/6/2006

Are you oozing pre-sex lubrication already? A live execution! Yum! Yum! In a previous life, you must have been a fishwife in France, getting turned on by public decapitations.

Modern psychology has shown — ad nauseam — that sadists get turned on by executions.

And do not give me any stupidity about the guy deserving it. I woud prefer that he spends the rest of his life rotting in prison — that to me is a much worse punishment than the death penalty–.

But, hey, if the sight of a hanging actually gives you an orgasm, just go for it, girl. You are psycho anyway… No normal male would touch you, so you are welcome to live your fantasies.

Of course, dear, you wil excise my post. You could not possibly let anyone know what other — sane — people think about you.

Good night, frustrated little tart. You are bound to be frustrated for a long time: normal people do not associate with psychopaths.

Evil Progressive – 12/27/2006

OK, I get it.. Another cowardly chickenhawk blog, headed by another cowardly, HYPOCRITICAL and uninformed chickenhawk blog-owner.

Grovertdog – 7/10/2007

sista sucka ass

bob – 7/11/2007

Someone needs to care about the impoverished in America!! You need to take a long, hard look in the mirror with your half truths (lies), cynicism and propaganda. Since you’re quoting, why don’t you quote, “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.” Matthew 25:24 (KJV) As much as those in government today tout “family values.” their actions (policies and laws) surely do not reflect them!! If John Edwards is so bad, then what are you doing about poverty other than running your mouth (and your blog)? Don’t bother to answer, you are now a blocked email recipient in my address book.

RM – 7/16/2007

Your thesis is laughable — that an “internal investigation” reported through a blogger who claims “insider connections” to know the outcome of the investigation before any official information has been released.

Oh, and it clears the Army and discredits Private Beauchamp (who you didn’t believe was a real person when Goldfarb began this witch hunt on July 21?

Sure. THAT’s credible.

Your question is a rhetorical monstrousity. The only persons who “believe” that way are the straw men you’re obviously trying to set up. So let me ask YOU a question:

Since you want to ignore the various ‘military lies to us’ scandals, WHY did you decide to endanger the life of a soldier fighting in the sandbox? Because you didn’t like what he said? Is THAT “supporting the troops”?

Or are you still laboring under the delusion that we’re “spreading democracy” and that endangering MY son because you don’t have an exit strategy, refuse to discuss an exit strategy, and would rather be right and watch more of our soldiers die than admit that this war has been a disaster and end it?

Must be amazing to know it all. Kinda makes you like God, don’t it?

Harto – 8/4/2007


Hey- Loony liberal here. Just wanted to remind you – no one called his kids chickenhawks. We called Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Limbaugh chickenhawks. And rightly so. His kids are just self-satisfied silver spoon conservatives who make liberals sick to their stomachs.

Mitt Romney is a political whore who can talk his way into any job. Good for him. Frankly I don’t want another empty suit blowing smoke up this country’s butt for 4 more years. I’d even take Rudy! or old straight talking whack job McCain. You people gave us Bush. You should have learned your lesson. Keep your mouths shut this election cycle will ya please.

One other fact for you. Liberals don’t have an “irrational hatred” for shrub. We have a very strong antipathy (look it up redneck) for hypocrits, slackers, and people who are blindly violent, egomaniacal, provincial, and just plain stupid. That would characterize the conservative movement right now. And FYI, you make me sick.

Have a nice day.

Cindy – 8/16/2007

Hey Sister,

You are the worst intellectual coward I have ever seen.

You don’t have a blog — You have a club of idiot members…. And you are the biggest imbecil of all.

You consistently deleate every comment that goes against your idiotic ideas even if the comment does not have a single bad word, or attack.


gil – 10/12/2007

I wish you were smart enough to realize how god damned stupid you are, Toljah.

Gore is worth 300 dishonest hacks like you and Bush.

Herios Sakai – 12/11/07


Sounds like the retard Sis and the old dim bulb and his gin slathered, Swiss cheese brain suffer from undiagnosed Capgras delusion (or Capgras syndrome), a rare disorder outside of Texas in which a person holds a delusional belief that an acquaintance, usually a spouse or other close family member, has been replaced by an identical looking impostor, except in this case the infidel Boooosh thinks (and that’s a stretch!) that the entire country has been replaced by cheap badly cloned plastic Cheneys. This delusion is most common in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, extreme religious/sexual repression, or constipation(Bill O’Reilly), although it can occur in a number of conditions including after brain injuries, dementia, and Republican voter registration drives. My guess, off the top of my head, is that they were composed with a high melting point in mind (the temperature at which the attractive intermolecular forces are overcome), probably polyethylene with a liberal dash of other polyamides, and in the true spirit of Conservatism, to keep things completely amorphous, methyl methacrylate. Although seemingly real in every detail, with the exception of the fact that they don’t hide every five minutes and that they’re human, Booosh keeps insisting that these Cheney-esque house apes are real, that the economy is great, that the surge is working, and that we’re respected everywhere, as these delusions aren’t cut and runners and all don flag lapel pins in various skin flaps as well as nearby assorted exhaust ports. The Capgras delusion is classed as a delusional misidentification syndrome, a class of delusional beliefs right up there with organized religion, that involves the misidentification of people, places or objects. It can occur in acute, transient, or chronic forms, in fact, anywhere old, tired, patriotic shtick is sold, borrowing on future debt of course.

Carl Gordon – 3/10/2008


Sister, you’re such a dumb fucking bitch. Wake us when “conservatives” like you and your buddies have something worth voting for.


PS, tell that asshat Morrissey to go fuck himself when you talk to him.

GOP08_DOA – 1/26/09


I suppose the document may well be, as you say, “deliberate in its vagueness” when defining right-wing extremists, but as a famous judge once said about pornography, “I know it when I see it.”

Your byline is a mocking and obviously racist attack on the hip-hop activist, Sister Soldjah.

The two or three of you left on this blog are easily defined as white and militantly hostile to Obama and the majority of Americans.

When a website such as yours advocates taking up arms and threatens to dispense justice to illegal immigrants by force in violation of applicable laws, you are a threat to America.

Quit whining. You know you and your readers are, yourselves, violent right-wing extremists.

Gustav – 4/15/09

:-w. I think you a basically a bag of shit. Hopefully you will be and Virginia will be a victim of a hate crime so you will truly understand. Once people start hate criming ignorant pigs, look out!

Tanja – 4/30/09

I hope you get raped and left in a ditch to die so your family can see someone make callous remarks about your death!

And no this isn’t a threat. I don’t have sex with morons.

“Bob” – 4/30/09

Hey, I’m a conservatard. Check me out:

“Where’s the outrage?! Where’s the outrage?! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!”

Why should real, thinking feminists give a frak about some opportunistic, dimwitted, fake-tiddy sore loser beeyotch?

nordstrom – 5/2/09


hope you die soon

Bill Wood – 8/26/09

shut the fuck up nobody gives a shit u fuckin stupid cunt

jack mieoff – 8/26/09

i just read your blog and it is apparent to me that whoever enabled you to use a computer should be tortured and shot. I hope you die. This site is the most offensive and discusting peice of literature on the internet. If i ever found you i would rape you out of spite and then burn your face off with acid and fire.

jack – 1/16/10, via email

You are obviously an intelligent person. Perhaps you see the need for a right biased blog. I don’t have the need to read or post to sites that have NO objectivity and a juvenile mentality. So…, I have to split. If you’re ever able to travel, or wish too. I’d be glad to host you. I own homes in [deleted], [deleted], and have a lease on a nice little apartment in [deleted]. Call me at ***.***.****. You’re a ‘cute little trick'(before you get indignant, look up the historical etymology) I grant you that! Bye babe…


Ye Gads! I suspected you MIGHT be a bitch. But I had no idea you MIGHT be a STUPID bitch! Jury is either “out”, or “hung” on this matter. Nevertheless, you ARE charming. Peace be unto you my neo-conservative sister, and best of luck. Sincerely I say this. Despite our differences, I may be against your view, and or demeanor, but I’m not against YOU.

Westcoastjazz – 3/18/10, via email

Your a hypocrite. You say your pro life but you’ll let 250,000 people die over the next decade because they don’t have health insurance. Any democrat that opposes you in future elections will have my financial support.

Dennis B. – 3/18/10, via email

As a gay man, I don’t hate Christians. I just think the government shouldn’t tell me I can’t fire them for being Christian, but it does. I want to discriminate against them in housing, but I can’t. I should be able to beat or kill them without facing enhanced penalties, but I can’t. Christians like to tell themselves they don’t “hate” gay people, but they refuse to extend the same legal protections that they enjoy. If it isn’t hate, it is hypocrisy, and any REAL Christian knows how Jesus felt about both.

“Jeff” – 8/28/10

You are an awful human being. Your political leanings have made the world an awful place and promise to continue it.

You have put so much energy into something that will only destroy your livelihood and the livelihood of billions around the world.

I hope that one day you realize the error of your ways. But, alas, you probably won’t. And should you believe in Hell, you’ll be there with the rest of them.

JR – 10/13/10


From someone calling themselves “Carla Clark” – on 5/2/13. Excerpt (read the full rant here):

The only Christian person is someone who is NOT a misogynist, blaming women for BIOLOGICAL ACCIDENTS, while completely ignoring any failing of a MAN’S biology. Jesus was not a misogynist, after all. The only CHRISTIAN person is someone who realizes that the biblical God has killed more fetuses than any living human in history. The only CHRISTIAN person is someone who doesn’t pick and choose parts of the bible they LIKE, then ignores all the rest. After all, Jesus said he didn’t come to wipe away all that came before, he said he came to FULFILL the promises that came before. Also, any passage involving a spontaneous or induced miscarriage, refers to people who ARE Pro-Abortion, meaning anti-choicers, like yourself. Besides, those passages only considered women and children PROPERTY of men, and women were simply considered more valuable property. Jesus does not like an idolator. And YOUR ilk are FETAL idolators. Obama saying God Bless You to Pro-Lifers would be a travesty of God’s Word.

Notyour Business
Submitted on 2013/06/27 at 4:10 pm

Wow! You’re a CUNT!

Go crawl back into that man’s nut-sack that you must be living in, because you are obviously an ill informed twat!


From “paleoworld91” on 7-24-13

your a fucking crazy bitch

your insane, do some research you crazy right wing cunt, you are too stupid to realize that your ”side” is ultimately oppressing you as a woman. The sexual revolution was a rebellion to the uptight christian moralizing state of typical US family at the time, and besides whos to say that promiscuity is wrong, just because it conflicts with your morals doesn’t mean theres anything wrong with it. I hope you are perpetually oppressed for being a woman, realize your place within your southern christian patriarchy, eventually have an emotional break down, kill a few people and go to prison for the rest of your life. have a shitty day in the nasty, humid, hot stench that is the south. Oh and don’t let those n*ggers get ya!