Still “Just A Blogger”: Happy 15th Blogiversary To Me

Today marks the 15th anniversary of my entrance into the blogosphere.

Still blogging.
Still going.

My main motivation for starting a blog was to counter liberal media bias. And here we are today, 15 years later, and that’s still my main motivation for continuing on, though the topics I tackle on any given day are wide and varied.

I may not use this platform as much as I used to (micro-blogging on social media is where you’ll find me more often than not) but it’s good to have this space on those occasions where the small amount of characters you’re allotted to give your opinion on something just aren’t enough.

Also, a mega-shout out also goes to my “blog bro” Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air. Ed’s celebrating his 15th blogiversary, too. He continues to be an inspiration not just to me but also to many up and coming bloggers/authors/radio hosts (as does the tireless godfather of blogging – Instapundit!).

Here’s to keeping it real, and to continuing to shine on a light on the agenda of the activist left and the left wing slant of the mainstream media.

(For the backstory on the phrase “Just a blogger”, click here.)

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