Darn those intolerant conservatives!

Excerpt of the day from Bill Kristol:

So evangelical Christian Sarah Palin spent Friday night with (mostly) observant Jews, along with various Christians, including some Amish. Then on Saturday she spoke at a rally hosted by a Mormon who went out of his way in his remarks to refer to the important role of “churches, synagogues and mosques” in American life.

Early Monday morning, as it happened, I received an e-mail from (Catholic convert) Newt Gingrich from Rome, asking for contact information for a (Jewish) scholar whose book on certain (not very religious) enlightenment thinkers he was reading.

Can’t you just feel the seething wingnut bigotry and neanderthal hatred? I’m sure Keith Olbermann is readying a trenchant special comment declaring… well, someone… the Worst Person in the World, even now.

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6 thoughts on “Darn those intolerant conservatives!

  1. Palin is simply part of the vast right wing Evangelical, Catholic, Mormon, Amish, Jewish etc., etc. conspiracy!

    But she must be a bigot because nowhere is the “religion of peace” mentioned!

  2. I can just imagine ol’ sputtering Keith’s head mimicking the Martians’ heads in the cheesy “Mars Attacks” sci-fi spoof.

    He’d be ‘splodin’ from the ‘splainin’ he’d need to do to try to wrap both of his gnat-sized brain cells around the above description.

    Just doesn’t fit the MSM meme, does it now?

    ‘twould be a lovely sight to behold, though!

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  4. I’m with Chris. Can’t wait to see the spittle flying from Keith.

    Do you suppose they have extra wet wipes for his show?

  5. Just wait until the evening of Election Day. Assuming, of course, that NBP and SEIU goon squads don’t descend upon enough polling places to throw the election.

    I’m going to be enjoying a big hot delicious cup of schadenfreude. With a tasty side of “Neener neener neeeener.”

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