9-11: George W. Bush and his bullhorn

Lots of people have written today about that terrible morning: where they were, what they remember, maybe honoring the victims or the many valiant heroes of the battle and its aftermath. I wondered what I would write. I decided that, rather than focus on the day itself, something others have done much more eloquently than I ever could, I wanted to share video of what has become one of my strongest memories from that time: the moment, when, three days later, George W. Bush stood amidst the smoldering ruins from which the dead were still being recovered and rallied a stunned and bloodied nation:

That was the day a man who won a disputed, contentious election truly became President of the United States of America, and I’ll forever be grateful for him.

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7 thoughts on “9-11: George W. Bush and his bullhorn

  1. This what a real leader does and says in a time of terrible crisis. I will never, ever, forget this moment. Thank you for posting it.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It was a shining moment of true, real hope in the aftermath of 9/11 and it’s a great reminder of what true leadership is about.

  3. I know Duh-1 doesn’t have it in him to respond as a leader would, but can you imagine how confused, ignorant and babbly he would have been then and there had he had to make a speech, especially without TOTUS?

    I’m not a GW fan because he was a jackass/socialist lite, but this was admittedly a shining moment.

  4. President Bush, and I proudly use the tile and name, wasn’t afraid to stand in the middle of America or his troops and grieve the fallen. I admire his courage and compassion and his making decisions that protected Americans.

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