Her “crime” was to demand justice for her daughter

Posted by: Phineas on December 18, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Marisela Escobedo Ortiz’s daughter Rubi was murdered last year. No, “murdered” is too clean, too antiseptic a word. Her daughter, 17, was burned to death, her corpse was cut up into chunks, and the remains were thrown into a dumpster by her cartel-member boyfriend.

And the Chihuahua state courts let him go, citing a lack of evidence, even though he had confessed. (A confession he later recanted.)

So Rubi’s mother campaigned for over a year for justice for her daughter, until, just two days ago, she was gunned down by the man accused of murdering her child:

The brutal killing of activist Marisela Escobedo Ortiz stunned people across Mexico, and a group of women angrily demanding justice gathered outside the state prosecutors’ office in this border city, where the victim’s daughter was killed.

Escobedo’s slaying “shows that in Mexico, it is the victim who suffers,” anti-crime activist Alejandro Marti said.

The uproar resulted in the suspension of three state judges who had ordered the freeing of the main suspect in the slaying of Escobedo Ortiz’s daughter — the same man who was identified as a chief suspect in the mother’s death.

The vicious nature of the killing — which was caught on a security camera and broadcast repeatedly on national television — added to the anger. The video shows masked men pull up in a car Thursday night in front of the governor’s office in Chihuahua city, the capital of Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is located.

One man appeared to exchange words with Escobedo Ortiz, who tried to flee by running across the street. The gunman chased her down and shot her in the head, said Jorge Gonzalez, special state prosecutor for crime prevention.

A spokesman for the state attorney general’s office, Carlos Gonzalez, said investigators believe one of the gunmen was Sergio Barraza, who had been the main suspect in the killing of Escobedo’s 17-year-old daughter. He was absolved by a court in April for lack of evidence.

Supposedly Escobedo Ortiz was being protected by Chihuahua state security police, which leaves open the question of where in God’s name they were when Barraza attacked her. Mexican state police forces have a bad reputation for corruption and it is not hard to imagine a few payoffs and/or threats working their magic here and in the trial court that freed this swine*, though incompetence may explain the trial result, too.

Regardless, northern Mexico is increasingly looking like a land where government authority counts for little, if anything. When a cry for justice earns one nothing but a bullet in the head, why should anyone place faith in the government’s promises of security?

This is one more marker on the road to state failure in Mexico, and the Mexican government had better do something before they reach its end.

*I probably owe an apology to the pigs of the world for the comparison.

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UPDATE: Just days after Escobedo Ortiz’s murder, her husband’s business is destroyed by arsonists.

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12 Responses to “Her “crime” was to demand justice for her daughter”


  1. Linda says:

    Yes, pigs are owed an apology for such comparison.

    Now, having said that, this just goes to show how little value is placed on human life in 3rd world countries. (And I do consider Mexico to be a 3rd world country.) Not only human life, but female human life in particular. Both mother and daughter killed.

    I’ll not be surprised if activist Marti, the spokesman, or the Attorney General end up dead if this case is pursued through the court. I think the only way for justice to be served in this case is a sniper’s bullet to the brain of Barraza. Harsh, but true.

  2. in you live in the united states this is coming to a city or town near you. courtesy of our politicans.

  3. Carlos says:

    And the response of all the feminazi orgs?

    (Crickets chirping)

    Yes, there is absolutely no doubt now that the only concern of such organizations as NOW is abortion. By their actions/lack of actions in the past 15 years the plight of women in general has been shown to be of little more than an annoyance to them, if anything.

  4. you mean there is no outrage for a woman devastated by her daughter’s murder from the “pro-women” groups everywhere? pah – they are as hypocritical as the Mexican state police forces.

  5. JadedByPolitics says:

    Until America decides there is a war at our border there will many, many more stories like these. The citizens will be cowed to allow the animals to run amok and eventually the war will be in the States on the border to where there will finally be American Military intervention. It is unfortunate that in America until thousands upon thousands die NOTHING gets done!

  6. Jo says:

    Carlos, you hit the nail on the head. As long as the sacred right to abortion is protected, they don’t give a flying s–t what happens to women in this world.

  7. JRob says:

    Such wonderful potential de facto citizens

  8. Paul says:

    Mexico is the next Iraq !!

  9. CA resident says:

    When I hear stories like this it reminds me of how ludicrous it is that the US is going to Mexico’s southern borders to help secure MEXICO from the countries to the south of it!!! SECURE OUR BORDERS!!!!

    On a cruise a few years ago, Ensenada (the armpit of Mexico) was the stop in Mexico. Walking down the street, which was FULL of people, my 16 yr old daughter (who was about 3′ in front of me) was accosted by a young guy – he grabbed her arm and started talking to her in Mexican… I lunged forward and grabbed her away from him. When I reported this to the tour guide on our bus, she said, “Yes, that’s how things are – she’s OK, isn’t she?” Why report things to the Mexican authorities? THEY are the truly corrupt ones!!

  10. listingstarboard says:

    And instead of trying to fix their own country they escape and come here and ruin ours (see Southern California), take our jobs, ridicule our culture and lie cheat and steal. But they are potential Democrat voters.

  11. Disgusted says:

    I sure hope we don’t protect American citizens from people such as these killers by securing our border. As Janet Incompetano says, “It’s a big, big border!” So it might actually take effort and resources to prevent Mexican murderers and illegal alien criminals of all stripes from entering the U.S.

    There might be one or two good people the flow, who only want to steal a job, depress wages, and pop a set of anchor babies who will open the doors to social programs paid for by American taxpayers!

  12. Carlos says:

    The lying, the theft, the violence (especially against young girls), the drugs, name all the crimes you wish: these are the values all the criminal aliens bring with them to our country and culture.

    One can cry all one wishes about “diversity”, but until these swine (yes, even the “nicest” and quietest of them is a swine, even the kids who are too young to know) come legally to be absorbed by our culture, no matter what the country of origin, no matter the cry “We’re just looking for a better life”, they are criminals and are not only bad for our society as a whole simply for that fact, they are a danger for our society specifically because they ignore, abuse and spit on the rule of law.

    The rule of law is (pardon the pun) a foreign concept to most citizens of other countries who enter this country illegally. When will the bleeding heart progressives learn this?

    Probably never, since that’s also their take on any law they don’t like.