4 thoughts on “In a nutshell: what our taxes pay for

  1. HAHAHA!!! God Bless these poor dumb idiots who keep raising our taxes and then lectures us on cutting back on our excesses. Idiots who do everything in their power to make life miserable for everyone who is trying to eek out an existance. LOL Don’t think so, then I ask, WHO is the ONE man who raised our gas prices?? Yes Thank you President Obama. Due to your hatred of the American People, we now have gas and food prices skyrocketing. We can’t get rid of this man fast enough to suit me. – Lorica

  2. Raising the gas tax is only part of the problem, Lorica. He is also hell-bent on keeping us green with biofuel, which not only raises the price of gas but everything else that’s transported, too, and his “no-drill-anywhere-anytime” philosophy of oil independence makes as much sense as Loughner ever did about anything.

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