California: In which I contemplate becoming a criminal

Posted by: Phineas on February 5, 2011 at 1:00 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Sadness. My last 100-watt incandescent light bulb burned out, but I can’t buy another to replace it. Nanny Sacramento has decreed that I may buy no more, in order to save save us from the overuse of energy, a problem government and the environmentalist movement created by doing all they could to stymie new power plants in this state.

But, wait! I can use the Nanny-approved compact fluorescent light! Nick Gillespie tells us why we should be grateful:

Hmmm… I guess they aren’t as wonderful as Nanny told us.

It’s nice to know, with the state in an economic depression and fiscal collapse looming on the horizon, that our masters, the Mandarins of the Green Dome, still think it’s important to regulate the most minor facets of our daily lives. And just to show what good little Green Statists they are, they had to impose our ban a year ahead of similar federal law.

I’m sure they were hoping for a cookie and a pat on the head from Pelosi and Waxman.

Of course, there could be profit for me in all this: smuggling illegal incandescent bulbs from overseas, cleverly hiding them in the trunk under innocuous bags of cocaine and harmless-looking  radical imams. Like a modern Prometheus, I’ll bring cheap light to the people of California! Call me “the Light Bulb Bandit!” No one will suspect me of being a criminal…

Wait. “Criminal?” Make that “freedom fighter!”

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9 Responses to “California: In which I contemplate becoming a criminal”


  1. Rovin says:

    I’m waiting for the Jerry Brown lieutenants to come and tell me I have to re-size my toilet seat.

  2. ST says:

    I’m waiting for the Jerry Brown lieutenants to come and tell me I have to re-size my toilet seat.


  3. Wayne says:


    Buy a heat ball, or start distributing them in your state. ;-)

  4. ffigtree says:

    Out of lurkdom to add my 2 cents: When CFLs burn out, they literally BURN OUT! Thought we had an electrical fire; very close to calling the fire dept. The smell is toxic-burning eyes & throat. Stocking up on incandescents while I can!

  5. Carlos says:

    Phineas, for the right price I could get you enough to last you and all your friends for years! Still legal for another year just to your north, unless our own retread jackass guvner makes them an immediate problem, too.

    And I like your entrepreneurship, Wayne.

  6. camojack says:

    I bought a bunch of LED bulbs; they’re pricey in initial cost, but should (more than) make up for that in electric bill and replacement savings…

  7. Kate says:

    I hope that’s sarcasm there Jack! My kids Hate, and I mean really Hate the CFL bulbs that I so thoughtfully bought out of environmental and perhaps monetary savings. Just the other day my artist daughter demanded that we use incandescent bulbs…

    If you are an artist, doing fine work or need a more natural light to allow you to read fine print…CFLs just don’t do the job!

    They don’t work in our ceiling fans, dimmer switched fixtures and they do take forever to “warm up” where’s the money savings in that?

    This is just another government/corporate venture….GE, think GE brings big bucks to the Dems.