Pizza is a conspiracy against Iran!

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An obvious agent of Western imperialism

It’s a fundamental feature of totalitarian societies that they have to control all aspects of life: politics, economics, religious beliefs, what we know of the past and how we see the present and future — nothing is too small to escape the need for control.

Not even the food we eat. In fascist Iran, cooking shows may no longer teach people how to fix decadent Western dishes:

After ridding Iranian universities of “Western subjects,” authorities in Tehran are making sure that local cooking shows also adhere to the spirit of the Ayatollah regime.

On Sunday, Iran’s broadcasting authority forbade television channels in the country to air cooking shows featuring “Western” dishes. As it turns out, the dozes of official TV stations in Iran currently feature shows that offer their viewers recipes for Italian and French dishes, an apparently grave sin in the Islamic republic.

“Television should show viewers abroad and Persian speakers the great and important achievements of the Islamic revolution,” the broadcasting authority’s deputy director, Ali Darabi, was quoted as saying as he explained the move. The decision was taken ahead of “Islamic Revolution Day,” which will mark the 32nd anniversary of the Persian shah’s downfall.

Let’s hope Michelle Obama doesn’t get any ideas… .

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6 thoughts on “Pizza is a conspiracy against Iran!

  1. “Not even the food we eat. In fascist Iran USA…”

    There. Fixed it for you, Phineas, so it more closely mirrored who the real food nazis are…

  2. Maybe you missed this gem from about two years back, when Kim Jong-il finally cracked the pizza code. A ten year research program. Dude might by a psycho runt, but he can stay focused.

    Well, his father would have simply had Nork commandos kidnap pizza chefs from Italy rather than pay them as consultants. So we can look on this as progress. Still, it reminds me of a Ukranian restaurant that used to be in Seattle years ago. I took a visiting friend there for dinner, the USSR was still a going concern, and he commented that it was sobering to think that we had enjoyed a delicious ethnic meal that was probably out of the reach of 90% of its home population.

  3. Oh, my, Steve, that’s perfect. Thanks, I had missed that completely! It’s immediately going in my Kim Jong-Il collection.

    The more I think about it, the more I think Team America was right: he really is controlled by an alien cockroach.

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