Allen West at CPAC: Burnin’ down the house!

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Congressman and retired Lt. Colonel Allen West (R-FL) gave the closing address to the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday, and it’s safe to say they liked him… a lot. Like Bolton, Representative West “gets it;” he recognizes America as an exceptional place and a force for good in the world, and is not shy or diffident about his willingness to defend our nation’s interests and allies.

Thirty-six minutes long. Get yourself a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy, my friends:

Somehow, I don’t think Congressman West would be taking a reset button to negotiations in Moscow.

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5 thoughts on “Allen West at CPAC: Burnin’ down the house!

  1. Allen West is the ONLY person I am interested in for POTUS 2012. I hope he can be convinced to run! Imagine how much fum it would be to watch Barry stammer and stumble in a debate versus West. Allen West would decimate Barry, terrify out enemies and make all the leftists pee their pants!

  2. Not to be picky, Phineas, but…”thirty-sEx” minutes?

    And here I thought all along this was a serious meeting.

  3. Now, with that out of the way, I will say that I am watching West, also, but am doing so at somewhat of a distance because of the track record of Republicans bent on destroying themselves and their party.

    Typical case in point? How ’bout Mitt, whose “conservatism” led to RomneyCare?

    Or Mikey Huckleberry, whose “conservatism” is exploded with social activist causes?

    The list is nearly endless, but my point remains the same: some of these candidates are real, but many are simply snakes to whom adulation by a fickle press is much more important than fidelity to conservative values.

    In other words, just like libs/leftists/statists, too many “Republicans” values are fluid or nonexistent at all.

  4. Am I the only one who thought, about halfway through this speech, that it had the tone and tenor of an acceptance speech at the next GOP National Convention?

    Rep. West won’t be the nominee, of course, but the actual nominee should hit exactly the same notes as he did.

    The question is whether the nominee would be able to say those words and make it believable. You can believe it when Rep. West says it. He’s the real deal. Like Carlos, I’m not so sure about the rest of the field. We shall see.

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