Band of (Illegal) Brothers?

Posted by: Phineas on March 23, 2011 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Call it a gut feeling, but my hunch is that this odd incident is more a reflection of clever stupidity than anything menacing:

13 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in California Wearing U.S. Marine Uniforms

Border Patrol agents recently arrested 13 illegal immigrants disguised as U.S. Marines and riding in a fake military van, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday.

The illegal immigrants were clad in Marine uniforms when they were apprehended at the Campo Border Patrol Westbound I-8 checkpoint at 11 p.m. on March 14 near Pine Valley, Calif., border officials said. Two U.S. citizens in the van also were arrested.

Pine Valley is just east of San Diego.

Like I said, “clever.” There’s a big military presence around San Diego, and there are a lot of Hispanics in the military, so seeing a bunch of Hispanic US Marines being transported from one place to another wouldn’t be too odd.

But what was the “stupid” part, you ask?

The name labels on their uniforms all read “Perez.”


via The Jawa Report, which has video.

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10 Responses to “Band of (Illegal) Brothers?”


  1. Iva Biggin says:

    What is so hard to believe about a latino family becoming so overcome by patriotism that they all decided to join the Marines at the same time? We should salute that Perez family for their service!

  2. Chris says:

    They were told that the van was just one big “Perez” dispenser!


  3. Carlos says:

    13 brothers, Iva? All nearly the same age?

    Sounds like momma was real busy then, and daddy didn’t care that she’d just popped quints!

    Frankly, it sounds like none of them could even read their own language, let alone ours, and if they could they weren’t bright enough to figure out the implications.

    Just the kind we need to do those construction, factory and industrial jobs Americans won’t do!

    Even at (illegal) reduced wages.

  4. Joseph Brown says:

    The dead giveaway was there wasn’t a single high and tight in the bunch.
    Of course the second one was they all named Perez.

  5. GS Patton says:

    …and the uniforms and equipment came from where? if they can get uniforms and materiele, can’t Hamas and Hezbollah?

    i fail to see the humor in this. wake up.

  6. Tango says:

    ….if I were a grunt (or a former one) – I’d be pissed!

  7. Severian says:

    Gung Hola!

  8. Neo says:

    … now imagine they were led by Mohammed Atta

  9. Paul says:

    Always stop,check and verify identities !! Never assume !

  10. Peter says:

    I read where the LEO caught them by asking when the Marine Corps “Birthday” was and, since they didn’t know…