Seven reasons why tax increases are not needed

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The Center For Freedom and Prosperity has put out another of it’s “Econ 101” videos, which cover various topics explaining why limited government, low tax, and controlled spending regimes work better than… Well, what we have now.

This video, narrated by Piyali Bhattacharya of Young Americans for Liberty, gives seven reasons why increasing taxes is a bad idea:

  1. Tax increases are not needed;
  2. Tax increases encourage more spending;
  3. Tax increases harm economic performance;
  4. Tax increases foment social discord;
  5. Tax increases almost never raise as much revenue as projected;
  6. Tax increases encourage more loopholes; and,
  7. Tax increases undermine competitiveness.

And here’s Piyali:

We should keep these in mind as the budget debates in Congress go forward.

via Dan Mitchell at Big Government, where he gives links to related videos you may be interested in.

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3 thoughts on “Seven reasons why tax increases are not needed

  1. Until America gets a tax system where EVERYONE pays tax,it will keep coming up.

  2. Here’s my reason #1: It ain’t your money, Mr. and Ms. Government. You have done nothing to earn it, and you’ve squandered not only the money you’ve already stolen but money yet unearned by generations yet unborn.

    Prove to me you’re trustworthy, and maybe, just maybe, we can talk about money.

    But proving trustworthy will be difficult for the addict you are.

  3. The current tax code is so convoluted and burdensome to try to understand that if you made them read it in Gitmo they could call it torture.

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