Sarah Palin’s Magic Bus

Posted by: Phineas on May 27, 2011 at 2:01 pm

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You may have heard that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is about to embark on a “One Nation” (1) bus tour of historic sites in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. Here’s the roll-out video:

Many are speculating that this may be a prelude to announcing her candidacy for president. I don’t think there’s any “may be” about it: I think she’s 95% in and this plus her documentary (which, contrary to the MSM slander, she neither commissioned nor paid for) are the final “testing the waters’ to gauge reaction. Jim Geraghty in his Morning Jolt newsletter thinks the only thing that could change her mind would be the effect on her family and that this bus tour might be a way to measure that:

My first reaction was that the book tour wasn’t ipso facto evidence that Palin was running for president; in her Greta Van Susteren interview, Palin suggested that concerns over her family were what was holding her back. Does a bus tour mean that issue has been resolved? Maybe. But I think only Palin and her family know for sure. As I speculated, maybe this is a “dress rehearsal” — if the family goes through the experience of the bus tour and emerges unscathed, then the campaign is a go.

As I’ve made clear in the past, I greatly admire her (2) and think she’d be a fine president — and not just by comparison to the low bar set by the current occupant of the office. She’s my preferred candidate (3). Whether she can win the nomination and the general election is another thing, and that’s for the voters to decide, not pundits and would-be pundits — including me.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep you posted on how the tour goes.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: Go, ‘Cuda!

(1) Take that, John Edwards.

(2) Yes, even after “The Resignation.” As I’ve said, that’s a non-issue for me until someone can convince me otherwise by explaining in detail and with facts what she should have done given the Alaska ethics law at the time and the concerted campaign to destroy her that exploited that law.

(3) But, if she doesn’t run or does but loses the nomination, there are others I could easily support: Tim Pawlenty for one, who not only has a good record as governor but also is showing more feistiness than I ever expected.

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17 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Magic Bus”


  1. James says:

    I not only hope Sarah runs for President, but that she runs away with both the Republican nomination, and the election im 2012.

  2. hogtrashhd says:

    She is the only one I trust and admire other than Alan West… if it’s okay with her family it’s way ok for me.. Palin/West.. what a frigging dream team..

  3. tonynoboloney says:

    What worries me most is the establishment republicans. If the GOP does not at some point support Sarah, she cannot win.

  4. Carlos says:

    Yeah, I could really get along with Sarah (or Bachman) because of what I would imagine the “Arab world’s” reaction to having to deal with a woman on an equal footing. Think of what it would do to the severely strained ego of the average misogynist muslim!

    I have been of the opinion that Sarah has been trashed too much to run for prez, but seeing what the LSM is doing to Bachman makes me realize the media doesn’t just hate women, they hate any conservative from a democrat victim group that is and stays off the plantation.

    They will do the same to Cain, too, because they perceive him as just the “houseboy” or the Republicans’ “Tom” to show the world.

    Democraps in general and the LSM in particular are a really sleazy bunch, barely better than lawyers as a group.

  5. Rod Stanton says:

    Go Sarah! Go girl! Been 23 years since we had a conservative President – far tooooooo long!

  6. John Scotus says:

    Sure looks like she is running to me. I doubt that family considerations are the big sticking point right now–that would have to have been settled before this. Rather, I suspect that she just simply wants to see what kind of reception she gets. If the reception is good, then the game is on.

  7. Bill G says:

    Works for me. But the RINO National Committee is desperately seeking for a Juan McCain Lite to run against Bam-Bam. In their minds, no Capital C Conservative need apply.

  8. blueskies says:

    Michelle Bachman is a much more credible candidate for me.
    Sarah seems to lack depth.
    Just IMO.

  9. PE says:

    I love this country. Sarah would do great things for the USA and, therefore, I love her. So let the bus tour begin and hopefully segue into a successful candidacy. And with the good to be derived from this tour, also expect the protracted howling of morons, inflamed and driven by the Confederacy of Evil.

  10. Bear1909 says:

    The next tsunami will be political. The first woman to be elected president of the United States will be Sarah Palin, with war hero Alan West as Vice President.

    The Senate will fall to the Republicans and the state legislatures will continue to turn to the Right.

    The Dhimmis are scared to death. Cuda will put the US on a war footing and pay for the rebirth of the economy with gold, a return to the gold standard, save the dollar and use energy to pay off our debt while she slashes government spending.

    The screams of the elite, entrenched bureaucrats in washington on both sides of the aisle will be blood curdling…. but with real people voting en masse at the scent of elite blood in the political waters, they will be swept out of their comfort zones in washington spending the national treasury on their lavishness and that of their cronies.

    Sarah Palin’s candidacy is a sorely needed national disinfectant. Pour it on!

  11. JimK says:

    To anybody who’s been paying close attention, it’s obvious that she’s running. She has the best political instincts of any politician alive today. Our only hope of saving the USA as we have known it is to elect her as our next president. Energy is the key to the future and she knows how to make that happen. It will bring us security and reverse the horrible financial situation the world faces.

    Game On!!

  12. Carlos says:

    Actually, the first thing I thought of when I saw this was that it was terribly reminiscent of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, for those of you old enough to remember such insanity.

    She’s been compared to a lot of things, but I’d wager this is the first time she’s been compared to a roving band of potheads!

    If she’s nominated, I’ll certainly work for her election and vote for her. But my preference is still Cain, with Bachman in second.

  13. captaingrumpy says:

    I like Cain,Bachman,West,and Sarah.What’s all this talk everyday in the rags that there are no Republicans of stature to run. The conservatives have a great field and I think it’s time that the Republican “old boys” were shown that the country is sick of their twaddle (great word).
    I would vote for any conservative that tells Obama the truth.Tell it like it is.Call a spade a spade.(is that racist) ?????

  14. Bill589 says:

    I agree that the leftist media has damaged Palin. But remember a couple of years ago many conservatives were saying that we can never again let the left and their media pick the Republican candidate?

    Now, some conservative pundits say they like Palin, but she can’t be elected because the left and their media has damaged her too much.

    Did we forget what we said? If those pundits like Palin, they should at least defend her, and if they really like her – promote her. Not cower from the Left’s media, and let them influence our choice.

  15. Reply to Carlos at comment #4:

    A good thought exercise every Republican should do: Of all candidates and potential candidates, which of them do Islamists all over the world fear the most?

    I would be willing to bet Palin is high on their list — and not JUST because of their problems with women — more because of her barracuda fierceness. Especially if she were to announce plans to make Allen West the Secretary of Defense or the National Security Adviser!

  16. missred says:

    i have admired sarah for years – long before mcain picked her for his vp nomination. and i admire her for her chutzpah and calling things as they are, and she has come a long way in two years. but…. do you really think she can win? and that is really the bottom line. but (again with the buts) they did say that about reagan.