Silent-but-eloquent: the case for economic freedom

Posted by: Phineas on July 5, 2011 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Here’s a neat video from one of the evil Koch brothers (1) laying out fact after fact arguing that countries with greater levels of economic freedom, defined as small government, the rule of law, free trade, and the protection of property rights, regularly and vastly outperform statist regimes:

No, your computer’s sound isn’t messed up; it’s a silent movie. Scratch that. It turns out the mute had somehow been activated on this computer. This really is a “talkie.”

I think this video cuts to the heart of those policies that create prosperity — and the jobs that go with it.

Remember that in 2012.

via Dan Mitchell, who has another related video on his site


(1) The latest entry in the Left-Liberal demonology. Remember, gentlemanly elderly billionaires who want less government intrusion into our lives so we can all be free to prosper are EVIL!!! because… well, because.

Edit: Fixed some erroneous information and adjusted accordingly.

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8 Responses to “Silent-but-eloquent: the case for economic freedom”


  1. surfcitysocal says:

    Um. The video I just watched had sound. Both times. Great video.

  2. Phineas says:

    Really? Must be something wrong with the sound connection on this PC, then. :-l

    (Goes off to check)

    Yep. The mute had been turned on. Thanks!

  3. Tex says:

    I’ve seen reference to this type of data for years from a few intelligent and forward thinking Conservative commentators. I believe George Will used such data from studies many years ago citing the economy of Hong Kong (before the U.K. ceded it back to China in 1997) as an example of how less government and lower taxes = greater prosperity for all.

    What is so sad to me is that today’s Conservatives in Congress never seem to actually use this data, which is readily available, on the floor of Congress when fighting the Liberals against higher taxes and bigger government.

    Conservatives really need to push the data out into the public domain constantly and relentlessly to prove their point to the public. Just saying lower taxes and less government will result in a stronger economy is not enough to sway quite a few Americans. Actual data from actual economic studies is what is needed to prove the point.

  4. Carlos says:

    The Koch brothers aren’t just evil, they are evil capitalists because they made their fortune the old-fashioned way – they earned it.

    On the backs of poor suckers dumb enough to think that if they worked hard enough they too might someday be able to have some self-respect.

    And a roof over their head.

    And decent wheels to drive to the store to buy groceries to feed their families.

    And take vacations. Paid for, of course, by the evil Koch bros.

    In other words, all those things those on the new plantation think the rest of us are fools for going after while they, in their victimhood, sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

    Good video.

  5. Phineas says:

    The Koch brothers aren’t just evil, they are evil capitalists because they made their fortune the old-fashioned way – they earned it.

    Those swine! How dare they?! /Obama

  6. PE says:

    Does Caesar Chavez know about this? Robert Mugabe? Barack Obama? Psychopathic tyrants don’t need no stinking charts.

  7. George Robinson says:

    This is one of those times I like the comments as well as the video. Can’t quite get into the Koch league but keep on truckin’, brought back a memory of when I was really trying, put in a hundred hours a week a couple of weeks in a row, still lost a contract, never had a single liberal offer to help.