Why the Left’s global warming agenda is flat out wrong

Posted by: Phineas on July 10, 2011 at 4:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Here’s a neat video that summarizes the problems with the Left’s argument in favor of the existence of dangerous Man-caused global warming. (1) It’s narrated by Dr. Roy Spencer, a meteorologist and AGW-skeptic. I think it frames the issues nicely.

Produced by Encounter Books and Declaration Entertainment, a bit over nine minutes long.

Dr. Spencer has also written a few books you may find of interest. (2)

(1) Also known as “The problem for which there is darned little evidence and which probably doesn’t exist.”
(2) Thank you, California, for sparing me the shame of earning any of that filthy lucre through those links.

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7 Responses to “Why the Left’s global warming agenda is flat out wrong”


  1. Dennis says:

    Very well done! Presented in a way that keeps your attention. A calm, rational, reasonable discussion of the issue.

  2. Brontefan says:

    Fantastic! Do you think Americans will ever figure out that the EPA and “green” jobs, buildings, etc. are all part of a scam to take more money and control more of our lives? Check out food prices… thanks to the shutting down of irrigation water in northern California… among other issues.

  3. Jay says:

    Very well done. If this was solely an issue of science, it wouldn’t be a political issue. The issue is that the implications are huge for this issue, people intuitively know that IF man-made global warming is TRUE and DIRE then that means big government intervention all over the place. For liberals that is a dream to have such powerful cause to grab onto more power. And obviously that terrifies conservatives.

    And so the issue isn’t the science, most people do not do more than take a cursory look at the subject. They will believe whoever they trust more. So if you’re a liberal and NPR or BBC has a piece on how warming is ruining some economy in far away lands then you will believe it’s fact. If you’re a conservative you pay more attention to stories that support a counter-argument.

    The funny thing is, I will pose the question, does it EVEN MATTER? The funny thing is the very SCIENCE that liberals want to use to grab onto power also proves that there isn’t any sort of short term political solution for addressing the issue. That is because even if even we had passed the stricter house-passed Cap-and-trade bill it would have only reduced the carbon emissions by a fraction of a percent over the coming decades while also of course damaging the economy. And all the while other countries are increasing their CO2 makes the whole discussion almost pointless until there is a scientific breakthrough or countries decide they want to abandon technology. So that point I think gets lost in all this since there is such fierce debate ab the climate change science.

    It’s a moot point as far as policy goes, except that liberals will continue to use regulation as a way to enforce climate change theology.

  4. Tex says:

    Fantastic and well done video. I believe in science and when the scientists don’t yet all agree on something, then its not well understood. The fact that the biggest advocates of “global warming” are either left leaning politicians or left leaning “scientists” always makes me very, very suspicious. Until these left leaning “scientists” either remove their politics from the science or remove themselves totally, we’ll never get a clear idea of what, if anything, is happening to the climate.

  5. Carlos says:

    “Science” can never, ever use consensus as the basis of “fact,” which is what the global alarmists are attempting to do.

    If it is “science,” there is enough demonstrable fact to make the conclusion inescapable. If it is “theory,” there is reasonable basis for consensus but not fact.

    If it is political ideology driving a particular end (in this case more governmental regulation in an attempt to oppress even more people to bring them under the thumb of the ruling elite), then science has nothing to do with it, only greed (by the so-called scientists) and lust for power.

    I might be more inclined to see AWG as a possibility if they hadn’t used the same set of man-caused variables to “prove” the coming ice age 33 years ago. Since they did (and burned that particular bridge), I’m just a tad bit skeptical when they use those same variables (and doctor them incessantly) to prove just the opposite.

  6. maddogg says:

    Global warming isn’t science, it’s leftard religion. That is, when facts are missing, faith is required. Besides, it’s a great vehicle for controlling the masses and bringing one world socialist government. Bringing the Borg is the aim, and I shall resist to my dying breath.

  7. captaingrumpy says:

    If mere man thinks that he has the power to change the world as God made it ,then I don’t believe there is any hope left for him.
    This planet,EARTH is more powerful than anything man can throw at it.It has the ability to change and heal itself far better than anything or anyone else.
    Have faith in the creation,it won’t let you down.