Worried about our nation’s finances? Take Spenditol!

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Here’s a clever ad from Concerned Women for America that hits at the irresponsible ways of Washington and correctly identifies the root of the problem — overspending — and does it in the right way: with satire.

I especially like the line about how popular “Spenditol” is.

via Dan Mitchell

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4 thoughts on “Worried about our nation’s finances? Take Spenditol!

  1. Phineas, as a chemist I can tell you it does exist. The true chemical name for it is Barium Potassium Amine, Ruthenium Platinum salt.

    Chemical formula: BaNKRuPt. :d

    Oh, and they did forget one disclaimer: Do not take Spenditol if your IQ exceeds your hat size….

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