Religion of Peace watch: “Kill every Israeli in Egypt!”

Posted by: Phineas on August 23, 2011 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

The Sinai peninsula has been in almost a state of anarchy since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak (1). Jihadist groups, including al Qaeda (2), have begun to operate openly as Egyptian sovereignty crumbles in an area crucial to Israel’s security. Late last week, Muslims waging jihad fi sabil Allah struck from Sinai in a series of terrorist attacks against Israel. Israel struck back hard, killing not only the instigators of the attack, but also, unfortunately, some Egyptian soldiers (3).

So, what is the logical response of the average Egyptian Islamic scholar to these events? Demand that the transitional government reassert national sovereignty and the rule of law over Egyptian territory and suppress these groups that are endangering the treaty of peace with Israel? Denounce these hijackers of Islam who clearly misunderstand Muhammad’s message of peace? Does he…

Never mind. We all know what the answer is: Kill every Zionist in Egypt.

Islamic scholar Dr. Salah Sultan issued a religious decree according to which it is permissible to kill “any Israeli on Egyptian land, in response to the killing of Egyptian soldiers near the border with Israel,” Egyptian Al-Shuruq newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Thus Israeli businessmen in Alexandria to make a deal are fair game, even though they had nothing to do with the fighting, because, well… they’re Jews and therefore the enemies of all mankind! And, you see, the brave jihadis wouldn’t have done what they did (in Allah’s name) if those nasty Jews hadn’t been occupying Muslim lands (that is, the whole state of Israel) and those Egyptian soldiers wouldn’t have died in the criminal Zionist attack, so all Israelis (and therefore Jews) are to blame!

Yes, that really is what passes for logic there. And yet some people wonder why Arab Islamic society is screwed up.

I don’t.

(1) Helped along by our Smart Power Administration. Heckuva job, Barry!
(2) See also the announcement from the Kavkaz Center, the propaganda arm of the Chechen jihadi terrorists.
(3) If you don’t want this to happen, Cairo, maybe you should try suppressing these medieval loons before the Israelis have to do it for you. Just a thought.

UPDATE: Barry Rubin with some interesting background on Sultan Salah.

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7 Responses to “Religion of Peace watch: “Kill every Israeli in Egypt!””


  1. Tex says:

    I’m just curious to know if those Mullahs and “Islamic scholars” who are always calling for jihad against Jews in particular, and Westerners in general, ever think to ask themselves the question that if God is with them, then why is it every time in history, when they have attacked the Jews with overwhelming force and utter surprise, they have been dealt humiliating defeat again and again at the hands of the Jews? Is it just me or does it seem like God is with the Jews?

    Full disclosure: I’m not a Jew.

  2. blate says:

    Obama will resolve the issue — after his game of golf, after denouncing the Tea Party, destroying our economy…

  3. TexasMom2012 says:

    Tex, I agree and would add that the Jews believe their God is Mighty and will help them while Muslims think that they must act personally so that their Allah will rule. IOW, they God is weak and needs human help… My question, beside the fact that they cannot seem to defeat the little Satan (Israel) or the Big Satan (USA) it seems to me that their God is a wimp. Can’t he do anything on his own. Doesn’t sound very mighty to me, if his followers have to do all the work!

  4. Carlos says:

    Yeah, TexasMom2012, Mohammud even had to write his “holy scriptures” by himself, the poor, uneducated man, ’cause his god couldn’t even engrave them in stone like the Judeo-Christian God.

    Kinda like ol’ Joe Smith, except Smith wrote about a kinder, gentler set of supremes. So far as I can tell, his god didn’t extol the virtues of murder, either.

  5. Dunkenstein says:

    They wanna kill Jews…So what else is new?