9/11 ten years later: they’re still trying to kill us

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With the tenth anniversary of the September 11th atrocities coming tomorrow, there’s reasonable fear that Al Qaeda could attempt an attack in New York or elsewhere in the US for their own “celebrations.”

But don’t think they or other jihadist groups have been quiet in the meantime, just waiting for an anniversary to strike us. Far from it, for they see it as their religious duty to attack us. As this chart from the Heritage Foundation shows, there have been at least 40 domestic terror plotsan average of four per year— foiled since September 11th, 2001:

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Never forget, and always be on guard. They’re still trying to kill us.

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6 thoughts on “9/11 ten years later: they’re still trying to kill us

  1. Muslim jihadis attacked us on 9/11/01 and what happened after? We have actually increased muslim immigration into our country. We are flooded with followers of the Arab warrior Mohammed. Mosques are being raised everywhere in Anytown, USA.

    Ironic, huh?

    It’s the immigration, stoopid.

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  3. I disagree, btims. I believe it’s the savagery cloaked in the respectability of religion.

    But, also like you say, “It’s the immigration, stoopid!”

    What all the genii who make up the rules don’t realize is that it’s not just individuals they’re letting in without warrant, it’s the totality of them all, the totality of their desire to destroy us and/or subject us to their brand of savagery.

  4. My point is this. Simply, high immigration is one of the main reason why 9/11 happened. None of the 9/11 terrorists were born in the USA. They all immigrated here either legally or illegally. They came here either on immigrant visas, or student visas or came illegally. Islam has a tiny, tiny presence in our country before 9/11. Now it is everywhere and growing fast because of the NUMBERS of muslim immigrants. Just like Spanish langage is now everywhere in the USA – because of the NUMBER of Latino immigrants (legal and illegal).

    Numbers matter. When you import large numbers of any people, you import their culture too. And Islam is not a culture we should want to import.

  5. Death and savagery is all any marxist/statists ever want to import. Their whole collective being subsists on such.

    And that is the sum total of Islam: Death and savagery.

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