Gunwalker: more evidence of a third gun at the Terry murder — updated

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Let’s call it the “tale of the tape.” CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson obtained access to a recorded conversation between an ATF agent and a legal gun dealer in Arizona, who apparently was the source of the two “walked” firearms found at the crime scene. But during the conversation, mention is made of a third assault rifle:

Agent: Well there was two.

Dealer: There’s three weapons.

Agent: There’s three weapons.

Dealer: I know that.

Agent: And yes, there’s serial numbers for all three.

Dealer: That’s correct.

Agent: Two of them came from this store.

Dealer: I understand that.

Agent: There’s an SKS that I don’t think came from…. Dallas or Texas or something like that.

Dealer: I know. talking about the AK’s

Agent: The two AK’s came from this store.

Dealer: I know that.

Agent: Ok.

Dealer: I did the Goddamned trace

Agent: Third weapon is the SKS has nothing to do with it.

Dealer: That didn’t come from me.

Agent: No and there is that’s my knowledge. and I spoke to someone who would know those are the only ones they have. So this is the agent who’s working the case, all I can go by is what she told me.

(Emphases added.)

The agent’s last statement is a little unclear as to whether it means the SKS had “nothing to do” with the Terry killing or with the dealer’s store. What this exchange does in spades, however, is add weight to earlier email revelations about the existence of a third gun that “somehow” has gone missing from the evidence.

Earlier speculation was that the gun was “disappeared” to protect a high-level informant planted in the cartels, who would be exposed were the gun to become part of the public record.

However, Allahpundit at Hot Air raises another possibility: what if this missing SKS was the gun that fired the shot that killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry? Neither of the two AKs has been identified as the fatal weapon, implying that Terry might not have been killed with a “walked” firearm. If this putative third weapon fired the killing shot, however, then you have a direct connection between Operation Fast and Furious and the murder of a US federal agent.

The incentive some people might have to make this gun vanish seems pretty clear.

Eventually, the truth is going to come out about this; there are too many cracks in this story, already. I remember Watergate: the continual drip of questions and answers that lead to more questions, each round slowly eroding the wall around the truth until, one day, someone talked. And then it all came tumbling down around the Nixon administration.

Remember one thing, though: in Watergate, no one died.

In Operation Fast and Furious, however, one, perhaps two, US federal agents may have been killed with guns provided by the US government to Mexican drug cartels. Over 150 Mexican soldiers, federal agents, and civilians have been killed with “walked” weapons — and that number is growing. There is even evidence of other Gunwalker-style operations elsewhere in the US, with the weapons from which playing a part in who-knows-what-or-how-many crimes.

This isn’t going away.

RELATED: At Pajamas Media, Bob Owens suspect a Cloward-Piven strategy in play. I’m not yet ready to assume conspiracy when “felony stupid” will do, however.

UPDATE: The number of Gunwalker-related killings is indeed growing: the Attorney General of Mexico has listed 200 deaths related to the Obama-administration scandal, in addition to at least eleven crimes within the United States.

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