Our 4th greatest president, a video salute

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Last week I wrote about President Obama’s humble self-assessment as America’s fourth-greatest president, ahead of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Polk, Reagan, and even Chester A. Arthur (1).

American Crossroads thought there might be some bitter clingers doubters out there, so they put together the following video to chronicle The One’s The Four’s accomplishments:

Any questions?

(1) Sorry, Chet.

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5 thoughts on “Our 4th greatest president, a video salute

  1. You all don’t get it. This ad is a shining example of his humility. He actually put three others possibly (not definitely) before himself. We are truly blessed to have such a self-effacing leader.


  2. He’s just trying to spread the humility. Unfortunately for us, it’s the same old barnyard manure that he’s preached since he stopped toking, snorting or shooting.

    If he did.

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