Quote of the Day, “Journalists just don’t get it” edition

Posted by: Phineas on December 27, 2011 at 11:01 am

**Posted by Phineas

Iowahawk on the Solyndra debacle and The Washington Post‘s ideological blinders:

Look, I have nothing against Linda Sterio, any more than I have anything against a waitress unwittingly employed by an Al Capone speakeasy. I wish her well in obtaining employment. But let’s be clear: the scandal is not that she lost her job at Solyndra, it’s that she ever had a job at Solyndra. And that she, and countless others, were deprived jobs at legitimate businesses because government sucked $500 million out capital markets to endorse and underwrite the “clean-energy” hustles of its favorite check-writing eco-crooks.

The price of newsprint being what it is, I suppose it might be too much to ask the WaPo to run photos of the real victims of this scam, the 100 million or so American taxpayers who were left to pick up the tab. Unlike Ms. Sterio we never got a paycheck out of it, only a $5 invoice. But would it kill the Post’s editors to occasionally re-examine its J-school narratives and acknowledge sometimes failure is not the result of Government Not Doing Enough?

And if you haven’t bookmarked Iowahawk, you should. When he’s being serious, he’s good. When he’s being satirical, he’s good and funny.

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4 Responses to “Quote of the Day, “Journalists just don’t get it” edition”


  1. Lorica says:

    Look, I have nothing against Linda Sterio, any more than I have anything against a waitress unwittingly employed by an Al Capone speakeasy

    I am sorry but everyone knew that prohabition was the law of the land. There was no “unwittingly” about it. This Linda Sterio whomever she is/was probably had a huge clue that Solyndra was scamming the gov out of 100s of millions. Now she gets to scam the gov out of 10s of thousands with her unemployment. Now her true concern is when will the gov let the scam of neverending unemployment run out for her. So sad, I have no pity for people in her situation. Truly smart people prepare for the future not squander it like so many do. – Lorica

  2. Judy says:

    And now employee gets something like $13,000.00 for retraining. Poor poor Linda…. NO, I think not

  3. Drew the Infidel says:

    Retrained for what? To sit on their a** in a public park and bang on a drum between episodes of crapping on police cars?

  4. Carlos says:

    The “lady” in question was already the victim of too much government when she got the job at Solyndra because the “entrepreneurs” that did the start-up (and their financial backers) knew that the government (even under GW and Bubba) would pour our money down that rat hole and they would remain ever whole.

    But she does have some culpability in this, too, because she is apparently a believer in magical “energy” (and unicorns). The bigger the lie, the more fools want to believe it.