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Posted by: Phineas on March 11, 2012 at 5:37 pm

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Roger Kimball quoting pollster Scott Rasmussen on the B-side of the entitlement mentality:

All this is true, and it deserves our constant attention. But Scott Rasmussen shifts his focus to the other side of the equation, one which I tried to adumbrate last week in my column “Wards and Warders.” In order to work, the dependency agenda needs not only to cultivate the sheep, a population of dependents. It also needs to foster a population of controlling bureaucrats, the shepherds or warders of the system. And this brings us to what Rasmussen calls “the real entitlement mentality that threatens to bankrupt the nation: A political class that feels entitled to rule over the rest of us.”

(Emphasis added)

One of those things that’s so obvious once said, you wonder how you never realized it before.

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5 Responses to “Thought for the day”


  1. Of course, as Thomas Sowell wrote in “The Vision of the Anointed, it begins with “1) assertions of great danger to society, 2) an urgent need for action, 3) a need for govt to drastically curtail the the dangerous behavior of the many in reponse to the prescient conclusions for the few, 4) a disdainful dismissal of arguments to the contrary as uninformed, irresponsible, unworthy, etc.”

  2. So very true. Americans need to wake up to this fact. More and more are becoming dependent on the government. The biggest threat is Obamacare. Once they control our health care, they control our lives.

  3. Severian says:

    And those volunteering for the job are usually know nothing self described “intellectuals” who couldn’t reason their way out of a wet appear sack.

    As Eric Hoffer said in “The True Believer” a man who’s own business isn’t worth minding will console himself by trying to mind yours.

    Hoffer also nailed the sheep, a large number of people are terrified of true independence and freedom, they are afraid of failure and responsibility. He noted that this abandonment of self is at the heart of mass movements, and pointed out how most of the Nazis who were ride for war crimes after WWIi were shocked to be charged, after all, it wasn’t their fault, they just followed orders. They couldn’t grasp that a person can never abandon all responsibility.

  4. Carlos says:

    Again, I go back to the time I was dealing with a “public servant,” a land planner, who told me in no uncertain terms that all land was owned by the government, and it was that person’s responsibility to make sure the land was used in a manner acceptable to the government.

    Intellectualism, tin-godness and absolute power-craziness at its worst. And that’s what’s being taught in our public colleges and universities!

  5. Drew the Infidel says:

    Look what the Russian citizenry was put through before they finally got their head out of their rear ends. Is it dark where you are?