Dear South Carolina: You need a new GOP

Posted by: Phineas on April 6, 2012 at 3:55 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Good Lord. First it was possible indictment, now it’s possible impeachment:

The latest impeachment possibility for Gov. Haley revolves around an investigation regarding the possibility that she lobbied while sitting in the state legislature. “Right now, the ball is in the court of the Ethics Committee,” Rep. Chip Limehouse (R) told Brian Hicks of the Charleston Post and Courier.

Republican fundraiser John Rainey filed a lawsuit against Haley back in November alleging that Haley lobbied on behalf of the Lexington Medical Center while sitting in the South Carolina General Assembly. The lawsuit included an email exchange between Haley and the CEO of Lexington Medical Center, in which Haley stated, “We have some work to do not only to switch votes but to hold the ones we have. We are as close as we are going to get and can’t afford to leave one stone unturned. We were all given assignments and are working on them. Fingers crossed!”

The ethics lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge two weeks ago on jurisdiction grounds, but it was referred to the House Ethics Committee.

Haley’s office naturally denies the charges.

Like I said before, I don’t know whether the charges against Haley are valid and I’m not a particular fan or foe of hers. (Though I did like what I saw and heard of her in 2010.) I don’t know whether she’s been a good or a bad governor. But these repeated smear jobs thrown at her since before the election, all the previous of which have been shown to be baloney, strongly hint that there is something rotten in the SC Republican Party, particularly when members are willing to ally with Democratic operatives against against a Republican governor. I usually roll my eyes at charges of racism, but I’m growing more willing to credit Haley’s accusations against her fellow Republicans and toss in “sexism.” I think some of these guys may have a real problem with a brown woman in the state’s highest office. (1)

Yeesh. It reminds me of what happened to Sarah Palin in Alaska: baseless ethics charge after baseless ethics charge, old-boy Republicans working with Democrats, until she was forced to make a choice between her job and financial ruin.

Dear South Carolina Republicans: Your state has much more important things to deal with. If you don’t like your governor, run a strong candidate against her in the next primary election and don’t renominate her. But stop with the political cannibalism.

It’s embarrassing.

(1) You scoff? Let me present just one example among many: State Senator Jake Knotts and “raghead.” Yeah, the state party later condemned Knotts, but, call me a cynic, I have a sneaking suspicion it was a case of CYA.

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11 Responses to “Dear South Carolina: You need a new GOP”


  1. Carlos says:

    Doesn’t matter to the SCGOP. They’d rather have their close-knit brotherhood without all the interlopers (especially the female, brown-skinned ones) than do what’s right for either the people of SC or for the citizens of this country.

    Egads! I thought cannibalism was only practiced in South America and certain South Pacific islands. Seems like the illustrious SCGOP could teach those pikers a thing or two about cannibalism, and maybe even teach our Apologizer-in-Chief something about how to treat the riff-raff when they get uppity.

  2. arcman46 says:

    The sad thing is that they found there blueprint for getting rid of their enemies when they brought baseless ethics charges time after time relentlessly against Gov. Palin. Now anyone who appeals to the base of the Conservative movement is going to face the same thing. Even Romney, when he gets the Republican nomination is going to face the same thing. It happened to McCain also. When the Republicans allowed the left, and part of their own party to crucify Gov. Palin, they opened up a Pandora’s Box that they may never be able to close.

  3. EBL says:

    I guess this sort of explains how Lindsay Graham stays in office.

    And good points Carlos and arcman46! And good post ST.

  4. Chris in NC says:

    Haley has performed well. She’s rumored to be on the short list of Romney. I wonder how much of this is due to that and the national party not wanting another Palin type superstar to detract from their power

  5. JRob says:

    Phineas is absolutely. A lot of this goes back to the incumbant she unseated in getting elected to the General Assembly in the first place. That was then the “she is a Hindu” attempted smear started. Even during the gubernatorial primaries it kept resurfacing. People were posting comments in The State claiming that she sat in the writer’s living room and “confessed” to being a Hindu. Obviously these morons had not done their homework since it was fairly well known she was raised a Sikh.

    Having discredited themselves on that route a couple of guys started claiming to have had an affair with her. The whole episode was almost as comical as an old SNL sketch from the late 70s. It was supposed to be a talk show with Steve martin just sitting there blurting out (in his red neck voice), “I had sex with Margaret Trudeau”. The two self-styled Lotharios were taken about as seriously.

  6. JRob says:

    should have read, “Phineas is absolutely right”

  7. Carlos says:

    Politics in this country have never been particularly clean, arcman, but when the rabid left (yes, I mean that literally, as in “rabid dogs”) went after Palin and a significant amount of the establishment Beltway Republican elite joined in it gave credence to the social acceptability to baselessly lie, smear or debase anyone one disagrees with, if they were not traditional plantation parrots, especially if they were not traditional “house mammies,” never getting off the official echo chamber and always doing or saying exactly what the elites told them to do or say. (Please pardon that phrase, but that’s exactly how I view the left’s treatment of their own).

    The only reason Duh-1 will go after Mittens as fervently as the rabid left went after Palin is that Romney has the gall to bring up failed policies, stale jackass traditional answers that have always failed, and a vision showing this country ending up in a train wreck unimaginably worse than that found in Greece or Spain, and Duh-1 just can’t stand to hear people tell the truth; the truth is foreign to him, and like Satan, he hates it.

  8. Mitch says:

    We all need to support the strong Conservatives among us. God knows there are not enough of them. Let’s support the ones we have and thank God we have them.

  9. Adjoran says:

    In the legislature in SC, the Republicans are every bit as corrupt as the Democrats, and they hold power. The Governor is a weak office in SC, but reformers like Sanford and Haley get in the way of business as usual.

    As such, they are mercilessly attacked from all sides.

    Brian Hicks is a leftist hack for the P&C, which is old money establishment.

    The tax charge was 100% bogus, you should at least note that it was a completely spurious accusation. And perhaps consider this action is part and parcel of the same movement.

  10. Drew the Infidel says:

    This looks like part of a trend. Medal of Honor recipient Adm. James B. Stockdale, the POW North Viet Nam held the longest, upset the apple cart of the good old boy network trying to reform the Citadel. Some years later they appointed some character to the administration whose military credentials had already been exposed as phony in B. G. Burkett’s “Stolen Valor”.