Dear Vermont: Your governor isn’t very bright

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My food! MINE!!

Even a city-boy like me knows that, in a contest between “huge hairy animal with claws and teeth” and “middle-aged man in PJs,” claws and teeth win.

Memo to Governor Shumlin: Let the bear have the food!

Shumlin says he was in bed in his rented Montpelier home late Wednesday night when he heard what turned out to be four bears in the backyard.

He says he looked out and saw the bears, including two cubs. (1) He tried to chase the bears away, but they kept coming back.

Shumlin says he ran out barefoot in an attempt to rescue his birdfeeders. He says one of the bears charged him on the porch.

Vermont came within three feet of having to call a special election.

At least Governor Palin would have remembered to bring the rifle. Governor Shumlin, on the other hand, is not smarter than the average bear.

(1) And what part of “momma grizzly” does this guy not understand?

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10 thoughts on “Dear Vermont: Your governor isn’t very bright

  1. GWR:

    Well, he is a Democrat after all, which is probably why he went out to “talk to them.” With an open hand, not a clenched fist. Unarmed. ;)

  2. Perhaps he was just trying to enforce the Buffet Rule as he understood it – and almost became the buffet for the bears …

  3. Two mistakes as I see it:

    1. He misunderstood that his “bear” feet would not automatically ingratiate him with the bruin brood as a point of shared identification.

    2. His two “bear” feet were vastly outnumbered by a ratio of 4 to 1 (or eight-paws-to-two) but if he’s a Dem/Lib — especially public-school-educated — then his confusion regarding cold, hard math can be explained.

  4. As a Vermonter, I was embarrassed to hear this bit of news but not surprised for some reason. I did not vote for him. Conservative Vermonters (we do exist!)

  5. Chris –
    Perhaps a #3 could be added; carnivores like bears aren’t apt to accept the socialist premise of the “99%”, so sharing the wealth would be right out.

  6. Oh. come on, folks…they’re just cute, cuddly, marshmallow-eating bears! Just like at the zoo. See, I’ll just go out there and GREATSUFFERINGSAINTCORNINGTHISTHINGISTRYINGTOEATME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Being the outdoor type here is a hint: if an animal comes near you, it is not afraid of you or afraid to attack you. It is spring meaning many species are starting to reappear; here in Texas that includes rattlers which, contrary to popular misconception, do not attack but will strike if molested.

  8. I guess it’s not often a libtard gets such a lesson in reality.

    Unfortunately, it’s probably lost on him, and he will continue to believe that if he thinks nice thoughts and sends good mental vibes out the world will react as he envisions it, nice and cuddly and all fuzzy and there’s no such thing as violence (except by Republicans, especially against women). After all, it’s always the intent of action that counts, and those were some MEAN Republican bears because they couldn’t even see he was trying to HELP them!

    What a maroon. I’ll bet I could get him to invest pretty heavily in some great beachfront property just outside Phoenix…

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