(Video) Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) on fire on the House floor

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Congressman Kelly went to the House floor yesterday to denounce the crushing burden federal regulation imposes on American business and, by the time he was done, he had earned a rare standing ovation from his colleagues and chants of “USA! USA!”

Enjoy, my friends, enjoy.

Preach it, Brother Mike! 

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3 thoughts on “(Video) Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) on fire on the House floor

  1. What really amazes me is that first, there was anyone else in the chamber and second, that whoever was there was awake enough to listen!

    Spot-on speech. Government at all levels really does need to get the jackboots of regulation off our throats and let us create wealth.

    (And yes, Mr. President, it is business that creates wealth, not government!)

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