7 thoughts on “The mess Obama inherits

  1. If he does not get re-elected think of all the legitimate blame that will be heaped on him. His bald-faced lies about inheriting a near-unmanageable mess from Bush will be exposed as just that. What goes around comes around.

  2. ….yeppers! One thing for sure, Romney will have to lead aggressively and from the get-go. No way he’ll get a pass on anything.

  3. If the country is unfortunate enough to still have the same goober for prez next year, in 2016 he will still be singing the same ol’ “It’s GW’s fault!” tune.

    The guy has no shame, no knowledge of how the economy works, and still thinks theory trumps reality with his ideologically-driven agenda drivel.

  4. Yeah, but GW didn’t help by signing into law the bill (a donkey bill, BTW) that pushed his last deficit to nearly a trillion $. A socialist in the best tradition, pretending to be something (conservative) that he wasn’t, lying about it all the way to The Peoples’ House.

    But then again, who wanted either alternative he ran against?

  5. To be fair, he did inherit a sorry economy.

    From Pelosi and Reid’s Congress.

    AMEN!!! Been telling people that for years. The purposeful destruction of our economy by the Pelosi/Reid cabal was wanton and savage. Yet someone people still think it’s “Bush’s Fault”. – Lorica

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