Napolitano’s DHS: another sex-discrimination lawsuit filed

Posted by: Phineas on August 13, 2012 at 1:07 pm

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Following up on this item, I think we’re starting to see a pattern:

A second employee at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is suing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano over claims his career was curtailed due to anti-male bias at the agency, The Post has learned.

Jason Mount alleges in court papers that he was denied 43 promotions because he’s a white male and that he took a lower-grade job because of “how serious the discrimination and retaliation had become.”

Mount, 37, filed suit on July 31, about two months after ICE official James Hayes Jr. sued Napolitano for $3 million for allegedly pushing him out of a top job in Washington, DC, to make way for Dora Schriro, later named New York City’s jails commissioner.


His DC federal court filing details dozens of incidents in which he was allegedly passed over for promotions despite being fully qualified.

The litany of allegations include Mount’s September 2010 application to fill an assistant-special-agent-in-charge, or ASAC, post with Homeland Security Investigations in Boston.

Despite receiving “a rating of 100 percent on the knowledge, skills and abilities rating factors for the position,” Mount says, he was never contacted “to take part in an interview or further selection activities.”

Instead, court papers say the job went to a woman who was one step lower than Mount on the federal civil-service pay scale.

In addition, the woman, Linda Hunt, hadn’t completed an 18-month tour of duty at HSI headquarters in Washington, which “is required to be considered for an ASAC position,” the suit says.

Because of “the severe and pervasive retaliation and discrimination,” Mount says, he “essentially committed career suicide” in December 2011 and asked for a reassignment, “stating that he would be willing to accept a downgrade” in rank and pay.

Once could be a disgruntled employee just looking for payback; twice makes that less likely and starts to indicate a pattern. What lends credibility to Mount’s claims, in my opinion, is his refusal and that of his attorney to talk to the press about the suit. Usually, I’d expect people making bogus claims to go find their nearest Gloria Allred clone and call a press conference, hoping to win in the court of public opinion and persuade the other side to settle out of court (or at least get TV appearances and a book deal), knowing their case is weak on the merits. This, on other hand, has the look of someone who wants to go before a jury.

We’ll see. It could be bogus, but my gut feeling is that this is a case of smoke indicating fire. Yet another reason to elect a new administration that can bring some adult supervision to the DHS “animal house.”

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3 Responses to “Napolitano’s DHS: another sex-discrimination lawsuit filed”


  1. Carlos says:

    As noted in a previous post, this suit has to be baseless also because the harassmant laws were designed for women being discriminated against, therefore, by definition, a man cannot be discriminated against.

    Proper legal basis? Ask Eric Holder.

  2. I never see lap licker Napolitano on TV or read her (its?) name in the paper that I do not think of that old Cletus T. Judd song “I Shaved My Back For This?”.

  3. Kara says:

    See, the unfortunate problem here is that the Left doesn’t care. Because, insofar as the Left’s ideology and perspective are concerned, this gentleman didn’t “deserve” the promotion due to “privilege.” White privilege, male privilege — it’s the new argument to justify why the most deserving people don’t get what they… well, deserve. From their perspective, the woman one pay grade below him was more deserving of a promotion because (a) she’s female, (b) she clearly needs a promotion more than he does, because she makes less money, and (c) because she’s female, she’s probably been held back from promotions more than the other guy, so this is just evening the scales a little.

    And folks on the Left will never, ever see anything wrong with this, because they view it as an example of “social justice.” Female sexism is acceptable in their purview because it’s considered payback.